Tsav berates Ortom Over hate campaigns against Suswam

By Rasheed Adetokubo, Abuja

An elder statesman in Benue state and former commissioner of Police, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, has berated the state governor, Mr. Samuel Ortom over his hate campaigns against his predecessor, Dr. G.T. Suswam.

Speaking in a media note he signed and sent to journalists in Abuja yesterday, Mr. Tsav said such hate campaigns couldn’t bring any development to the North Central state.


Tsav pressed further that Governor Ortom should face governance and deliver all his electioneering promises rather than his usual blame games.

The media note reads: “As an Elder and one who have lived and served within many communities in Nigeria, I am always saddened and uncomfortable when I hear the hate campaigns and deliberate falsehood on radio and print media against the former Governor of Benue State Dr Gabriel T Suswam by Gov Ortom and his hired group. I often ask myself,will this nonsense translate into development or is it just to detract and deceive our people?

“A few days ago I heard on Radio Benue that Dr Gabriel Suswam was arrested, handcuffed and detained by the Police in Abuja. This was proved to be false, mischievous and malicious. Granting that he was indeed detained, would this translate to payment of owed salaries and pensions of Benue Workers and Pensioners?

“Yesterday(16/10/2016) I read from a National Paper where Gov Ortom was quoted as saying that he now believed that Suswam forged his Certificate.
This is most a reckless, nonsensical and irresponsible thing for a Gov to say. Anyway once an Agbero always an Agbero.

“Is his belief based on judicial pronouncement or mere primitive presumption based on hate and ungodliness occasioned by hallucination cum-wishful thinking?
Upon all these brazen and meanness, primitivity and intolerance, our people are still applauding Samuel Ortom after munching “KWESE” (beans cake). Are there no Elders in Tiv land?

“If indeed Dr Suswam has not done well in areas of development, why can’t Ortom convince us by performing better than Suswam?Insults and abuses in the media can not stand in for better performance.

“Are there no Elders in Benue State to advise Gov Ortom on the dangers of his mean and nonsensical talk?
Ortom unknowingly creating a dangerous precedence which may consume him in future. He may be digging a grave for himself. He does not know who will take over from him. It could be a pro-Suswam man who may like to take his revenge and thus create more problems for us in Benue State. Can’t anyone see the inherent danger?

“We expect Gov Ortom to allow Security Agencies to do their job of investigation and prosecution, while he carries out development of the state but that seems not to be his priority.

“What seems to be his major priority now is the development and expansion of his personal farms in Makurdi and Gbajimba which he has equipped with modern farming machinery imported recently from China. He has totally forgotten farmers in the so-called Food Basket of the Nation.

“There is presently a 7 km access road to Tse-Adorogo Farm being constructed by CAD Dev Nig Ltd under FGN/IFAD VALUE DEV PROGRAM from Gbajimba to Ortom’s Farm. This is indeed an honest man of God. What can be more selfish than this?

“No one is saying anything now until the Gov completely destroys Benue State. Our People are being gradually schemed out of relevance from National appointments because of lie telling and disunity.

“We are in recession and many workers and Pensioners have not been paid.
At this austere times, Gov Ortom drives with a convoy of about 15 cars to the sleepy town of Gbajimba blowing sirens and disturbing the Peasants any time he is on a visit to his farms.

“Blowing sirens in civilized Countries is to seek right of way but Ortom uses this as a status symbol. Where do we go from here?

“I believe our People now realize the folly in electing a Bushman and a liar as Governor of Benue State.

“I vehemently appeal to President Mohammadu Buhari to beam his anti Corruption search light on Benue State. Things are very bad here. We are in trouble under Gov Samuel Ortom Adorogo”