ADVERTORIAL: What Transpired Between Me And Annabel Mimi Orkuma- Semaka


Ordinarily, i wouldn’t have responded to the recurring story of fraud against my person been peddled by contractors and media enthusiasts and cyber urchins and social cowards..

But for the fact that I have become a household name on Benue cyber space and a political gladiator of note and high standing , it is pertinent that I do a realistic rejoinder to refute in strong terms the recycled allegations against my person.

On the 17th of February, 2016, the lady in question approached me to help put her through in the business of buying fresh oranges of course, that’s a familiar terrain. She made the first trip to Abuja and got profits of #40,000.

Now, following day, I gave her the #40000 profit from the first trip. I was not fraudster.. Second trip, my driver was headed to lagos with her oranges and mine and an accident occurred
which I sent her printed photographs..

But I assured her I will pay her since she is just starting life,! My own truck worth 4.50m was damaged. I asked her to be patient till I fix the truck, it took
4 months to repair the truck , some how, she ran out of patience and posted on Facebook which I adequately responded and moved on… I still
assured her that with time, i will give her the balance.. Especially when the said truck is up..

She hibernate and few days ago, I was at trust resorts hotels with the MD and owner when she brought
in the police,.

She forgot that someone of my standing and strong character must be aware of the police especially when you are always talking with pride.. And opposing the government..

I am a responsible citizen.. The police can’t harass me illegally without consequences! Police are citizens friends. If they over react, they
pay for it… The law is clear!

Now, I have still asked for more time which is the same thing I have always told her when she brought the story here. So what’s the hue and cry?

You can frame me up and lock me for 2 years and ten months, but after 2019, elections, I will come out and be your youngest commissioner!! So forget Solomon!

To all those who are happy, i put it to you that I am a responsible father with a good business, and a transport company with verifiable address, the
police confirmed it. I showed them were i pack my trucks… In mkd here… It’s verifiable by all law abiding citizens.. Including APC media urchin..

I am a former state government consultant on ICT to TSB and LGSC who single handedly trained all local government staff on ICT and who created a database for all teachers in Benue… So no body
who is important can believe any story to smear my image.

I have friends in high places that truly respect me,,! I am member of PDP and a Catholic. I have drivers under my payroll. I live in makurdi. I have experience and exposure and contacts and is reasonable for such things to occur.

I am responsible citizen that has donated computers and over 2000 text books to SUBEB. And the state government.. I have given over one million naira of my money
to current serving government officials in this regime..

I have two trucks. I have bought a car
for my mum and a bus for my dad.
How else, can I be responsible,?
This is cheap blackmail and absolute trash! No one is stopping me,! I will keep talking!

Disregard all stories of fraud..
I am home, hale and hearty.
Tomorrow is only pregnant!
To all those celebrating, i laugh!
Tomorrow, we shall sit and I will preside over your affairs.

At 28, I am a hero already in Benue and my invitation by the Police has a political undertone considering
the celebration on the other wing!


Solomon Semaka



    • Prince
      July 29, 2016

      You are a dirty poor boy. Just 2 trucks, a tokunbo car and bus you bought for your mum and dad you think you have arrived. Stop bragging because have don’t know what some of us reading this trash have achieved. Is obvious the high poverty level in Benue State made you believe you are super rich. #StopBragging

    • Zulum
      July 29, 2016

      Like your gut… be your self


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