PRESS RELEASE: Why The Chief Samuel Ortom Led Government Has Adopted The Use Of Sponsored Agents To Press For Justice Kpojime’s Inductees Prosecution

Few days ago, a group of sponsored young men and women led by one Kuanum Terrence and others in Abuja, organized a stage managed press conference and issued a statement giving the Efcc an ultimatum to prosecute the former Governor of Benue State, His Excellency, Dr. Gabriel Torwua Suswam. According to the group, the Efcc has taken too much time to investgate Dr. Gabriel Suswam and others.

After the press conference stage managed by Terrence Kuanum and others, the sum of five million naira was earlier released to one Barr. Collins to mobilise miscreants to protest. The said Collins disappeared with the money into thin air and has not been found till this moment.

As we put up this piece, another five million naira has been released through Larry-king Kpurpkur for same purpose of mobilising miscreants in and around the FCT to protest to the Efcc on Tuesday this week.

All the characters involved in this misadventure are young men with questionable characters. Terrence Kuanum right from his teenage was involved in a crime and declared wanted by Chief Stephen Nduul, then DPO in Zaki-Biam. He was also involved in exam malpractice at College of Education Katsina-ala and was sent packing. He later managed to secure admission with the Prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka, where he was also sent packing as a result of his involvement in violent unionism. Same Terrence Kuanum defrauded some students of Scholarship funds where he happens to be a member of the scheme.

While Larry-king Kpurkpur as he is well known, is a school dropout and an area boy that feast around Senator George Akume. These are the characters the APC led Chief Samuel Ortom is using to cause distractions and public nuisance in the name of protesting for the prosecution of Dr. Suswam and other fifty one persons.

Benue State does not need people with questionable characters to speak for her. The State is blessed with young men and women of impeccable characters and is a law abiding state that prefered due process should be followed.

Nobody protested before ICPC came, nobody protested before Hon. Ikyange and others were invited by the Efcc, why do they want to rubbish the State in a desperate mood to get sympathy where it does not exist?

Here are some of the reasons the Justice Kpojime Commission’s report can never be taken serious;

First and foremost is this, the report is not based on any known Accounting principle or established financial management authorities in the civil service. It does not cite any aspect of the accounting procedures that were violated or breached. The report did not adopt any accounting procedures or financial regulations to arrive at figures they recommended should be paid back. Their recommendations clearly show that they are not conversant with accounting procedures and the workings of government as contained in the books and extant circulars.
Secondly, the report is full of falsified figures forged to mislead the users and also the good people of Benue State.

The commission did not base their recommendations on financial documents submitted to support various transactions, or testimonies given by those invited. Rather, their recommendations are based on premeditated conclusions they were working towards. Consequently they had to set aside genuine pieces of evidence provided and made recommendations to suit their preconceived thoughts, arrangements and falsehood.

Moreso, the ambiguous recommendations nature of the commission is another sense of concern. It is a known fact that audit and probe should be very specific. If they knew their job, and they were meticulous, they could have established the specific violation each person committed and the specific amount each person is to refund. Regrettably, they were in haste to deliver on their predetermined conclusions, so they hurriedly lumped names together and assigned some amount of money to them not based on any known accounting process or law, and recommended that such funds be paid back. This does not conform with accounting best practices.

Again, the political aspect of this report presents the entire work as unserious, total waste of time and resources. Those that decamped from pdp to apc are exempted from the probe. The report is a political tool to witch hunt those perceived to be enemies of the Government, and a propaganda weapon against the government of Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam and his team. There is no sincerity in any aspect of the report.
It is on this premise that a Court of Competent jurisdiction on three occasions have delivered judgment in favour Mr. Asen Sambe, Joe K and Solomon Alabi on different suits brought before it on the wrongful indictment on the Justice Kpojime report for lack of merit. Regrettably money meant for payment of salaries is being diverted for sponsoring of protests.

I therefore, call on peace loving people of Benue not to take Terrence Kuanum and Larry-King Kpurkpur and group serious as EFCC and other anti-graft agencies does not work under undue pressure neither influence.

The Benue State Commissioner of Police, that of the FCT Command and the DG of SSS should put these characters under watch as they are not acting for the interest of Benue people. If the Chief Samuel Ortom government has a good case as claimed, it should allow the EFCC do her work professionally and not by any form of protest. EFCC has her own professional way of carrying out her investigation and does not work on a kangaroo investigation done by fraud panels set up by State governments as in the case of Benue State government.

It is unfortunate the State Government has continued to complain of paucity of funds to pay workers their wages but have available to sponsor disgruntled elements to carry out a mass protest to compel EFCC to prosecute Dr. Gabriel Suswam and others. All this desperation is a means of diverting the attention of the Benue public on the abyssmal performance and failure of the Chief Samuel Ortom led APC government to deliver.


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