Democracy Day: Buhari Has Failed Woefully- Hon. Akinmade


As President Mohammadu Buhari celebrated his one year in office today, the Ondo State Commissioner for Information, Honourable Kayode Akinmade, has scored the president low in all areas that affect Nigerians.

Speaking with NIGERIAN CONCORD in an interview to comment on the one year in office of the APC-led federal government in Nigeria, Honourable Akinmade said Nigerians were disappointment with the woeful performance of the president who assumed duty on May 29, 2015.

On Security, the commissioner said the president hasn’t achieved anything, saying that under his watch, the Boko Haram Sect had metamorphosised into another deadly terror group formed by Fulani herdsmen.

He said the president had failed to redeem his electioneering promise to phase out the Boko Haram Sect and as well ensure the release of the kidnapped Chibok school girls within three months after assuming duties.

His words:”The president didn’t only fail to stop the Boko Haram Sect, he has also failed to stop the fulani herdsmen who have been terrorizing almost everywhere in Nigeria for the past few months”

On economy, Akinmade berated President Buhari under whose watch he said prices of commodities had been skyrocketed. He said Nigeria had never been in this kind of terrible condition since it got independence.

His words: “Before Buhari came in, a dollar was sold for about 189 Naira but now, a dollar is sold for close to 400 Naira. Let me remind you that the president, during the electioneering campaigns, promised that a dollar would be sold for one naira but the reverse is the case now.

“Before the president came in, a bag of rice was sold for about 7,000 Naira but now, that same bag of rice is sold for 16,000 Naira. Now tell me, how many common men can afford to buy a bag of rice at the rate of 16,000 Naira.

“To me, the president’s policies do not have what we call human face. I said this because any policy that gives pains to common men is not good in any country”

On foreign relations, Akinmade noted that the president had failed. He showed his displeasure over the way the president does ridicule Nigerians and Nigeria each time he travels out of the country.

His words: Here is a president who always tell the white people that his countrymen (Nigerians) are corrupt and still, he wants those white people to bring their funds to Nigeria and invest.

“To the best of my knowledge, it is only someone with a corrupt act that will hear what Buhari is saying about Nigerians and still comes to Nigeria to invest his money”

Generally, the commissioner said President Buhari’s one year in office is not worth celebrating, saying that there is nothing good to show Nigerians that he had done since he took over power in May, 2015.

Comparing the APC and PDP states in term of achievements, Akinmade said: “We see what the PDP governors have achieved within a year office and we also see how woefully some of the APC governors have performed even after a year in office”

He said none of the APC-controlled states could be compared with the second-to-none achievements of Governor Olusegun Mikiko and the PDP-led government in Ondo state.


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