Political Analyst Blasts Oshiomhole Over Unfair Statement On Late Oba Of Benin

A political and Social Media Commentator, Mr. Daniel Osa-Ogbegie, had blasted the governor of Edo state, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole, over what he called ‘Unfair attacks on Oba Erediauwa by Oshiomhole’.

Osa-Ogbegie wrote an article titled: “UNFAIR ATTACKS ON OBA EREDIAUWA BY ADAMS OSHIOMHOLE, A MINDLESS SHOW OF CRASS INGRATITUDE AND DISRESPECT” on his facebook wall that: “I was shocked when I read the description of the departed Oba of Benin, Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo as “iconoclastic royal father”. The last time I checked, iconoclastic meant “attacking or ignoring cherished beliefs and long-held traditions, as being based on error, superstition, or lack of creativity”.

“It also means a person that is intolerant of other religious beliefs.
Adams Oshiomhole’s description of our revered departed King and father in this manner is calculated to present him in bad light. The Oba never appeared as intolerant of other religion. The Holy Aruosa cathedral in Benin City is the oldest Church in Nigeria. The Oba has always showed support to Muslims in Edo State and cause unity among all Edo tribes and the various ethnic groupings in Nigeria”

He pressed further that the late Oba had also been the custodian of long held customs of his people and at no time had anyone complained that he was deviating from the beautiful customs of his people.

“To therefore describe our revered monarch and the embodiment of Edo, especialy Benin people, is to insult our Oba and insult all Edo, especially Benin people.

“As Benin people, our Monarch goes to the very root of our existence and pride. We know that Oshiomhole is an ungrateful person, but we didn’t know he could be so brazen in attacking our pride and our Oba minutes after the announcement of his departure to the land of his ancestors. Even though Oshiomhole did not really grow up in Edo to understand us as a people, and to be able to empathise with us at this time, eight years ought to be enough to make him learn the act of respect, gratitude and Edo etiquette.

“I hereby urge Adams Oshiomhole to apologise to the memory of our departed Oba, apologise to the Benin traditional institution, apologise to all Benin and Edo people for causing them this discomfort and embarrassment.
If Oshiomhole fails to do the needful, I would hereby call on the Edo State House of Assembly to commence impeachment proceedings against him for this bungling incompetence, disrespect and insensitivity to a people.
Daniel Osa-Ogbegie is a member of the Oloke family of Benin”

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