Apologize To Suswam, Benue Political Analyst Tells Ortom


Benue State political analyst, Chir Amstrong, has urged Benue state governor, Chief Samuel Ortom, to urgently apologize to his predecessor, Dr. Gabriel Torwua Suswam, and the people of the state for not being fair to them.

Saying this in an open letter to the Governor, Mr. Armstrong said: “Your excellency please you should let your ego down and come out publicly and apologize to your predecessor, Gabriel Suswam for not been fair to him and indeed the people of benue state.

“When you came with a bible in your right hand many who never knew you felt you were for good, you deceived benue people with the word of God but you have never matched your words with actions.

“Throughout the era of suswam as the governor of the state with ground breaking of achievements there was no material time where he(suswam) made headlines for diversion of our money, but just 11 months you have made more highlines on local and national dailies all accusing you of gruesome diversion of public funds than any other governor.

“I 100% agree with the report of the ICPC concerning the diversion of our bailout funds, monies that was meant to clear backlog of salaries arrears in the state was reported diverted by ICPC, but why my governor?

“when your government incepted you have been on suswam’s neck, accusing him of huge sums of money, you have never spoken on an official function or gathering without mentioning suswam’s name. You thought we dont know who you are so you felt you were buying our sympathies by saying you are probing suswam, haven known that you have failed already.

“Now the wind has blown and we have known the truth. You can’t deceive the people of benue any longer my governor.

“Where do you keep our bailout money?
Even if it is not you, even if it is Titus Zam come out and tell us we knw the way to bring back our missing bailout, I won’t call it stolen money before you will be afraid to tell us the truth, we all know that you are a pastor and men of God dont steal?

“Even if it is one oga in Abuja that is with the bailout tell us the truth there and then we will forgive my governor.
Finally you must come out publicly and apologise to Gabriel Suswam for all the wrongs, for all the name calling, for all you have put him into and the people of benue state then we shall forgive you and re-integrate you as our own”


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