Adetula: Income Generation Required To End Economic Problem In Ondo


A governorship aspirant under the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Chief Bukola Adetula, has said that Ondo state needs to find a way of generating income in order to solve its present economic challenges.

Saying this in a chat with Nigerian Concord at his campaign office in Akure, Adetula said: “We have economic issues in Ondo state and what that means is that we are lacking in funds, we are lacking in money. When you lack in money or you lack in funds, then you are limited in some things that you can achieve. So in moving forward, we believe that Ondo state must be made to be able to generate lots of income.”

He said that if he is elected as governor of Ondo state, his administration would introduce several initiatives that will generate income for the state.

His words: “As governor, I will make people to see the state as a business entity and this will help in generating incomes for the state.

“When we do that, we will begin to solve our major problem which is unemployment. This is a state that relies basically on government jobs.

“There is basically nothing in the private sector, and we cannot continue like that. So we have to create employments. Here today, government is the only major employer and so everybody relies on the government. When government itself is unable to pay its bills and meet its responsibilities, the problems begin to grow higher.

“If you cannot pay the employees, the employees will not have money and if they don’t have money, they will not be able to buy anything or even take public transportation. In this case, retailers and industries will begin to suffer.

“So the only way to solve this problem is to look for a way to generate more income within the state. It is as simple as that. This will attract industries that can create employments for the people, and once the employment aspect is taken care of, you will see that the economy will pick up.

“A lot of these companies will pay taxes, individuals will pay taxes too and government will generate a lot of income through these taxes. When this is done, you will begin to look at other things to put in place which can be an offshoot of the industrialization”

Chief Adetula continued that his administration would look at the state’s mineral resources and look for ways to develop them in a big form, adding that: “It will be very easy to do this because the industries you attracted must have made market for them. We will have a Team that will market our agricultural products. Once we do that, we will ship them to foreign countries”

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