Steven Lawani, A Professional Betrayal


By Chir Armstrong

I sat this evening and I reflected and thought of the administration of the former governor of Benue state Rt. Hon. Gabriel Torwua Suswam. I thought of his friends, his family, his political associates, his fans and well wishers.

Then the name “STEVEN LAWANI” the former deputy governor to Suswam came to my mind. I tried to review his life and conduct after the 2015 general election, oooohh some people are born betrayals.

Steven Lawani, you will recall, was the deputy Governor of Benue state under the ticket “SUSWAM/LAWANI”. This man enjoyed lots of supports from his erstwhile boss, but immediately the PDP lost out in the 2015 general elections, he flew and got lost, meaning he defected to the APC, the party that is hunting Rt. Hon suswam.

After thinking about all these I have few questions to ask:

Why was Lawani left out by the Commission of Inquiry that wrongly indicted Gabriel Suswam?

Chief Steven Lawani, Wherever you may be, I write to inform you that we the good people of Benue state have followed and obviously observed your behavior, your antics and of course we have noted that you are nothing but a BETRAYAL.

YOu have betrayed not just Suswam your boss, your Former party the PDP but indeed the people of Benue state.
I sincerely wonder what really informed that drastic decision you took to leave PDP less than 3months you left office as the deputy Governor.

I know your conscience is sincerely worrying you heavily as you shall continue to wallow in self pity and humiliation.

Steven Lawani, posterity and providence shall judge us all.


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    • terz
      April 21, 2016

      Its already judging us let sleeping dog lie


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