Credible Local Govt Election Will Be Conducted In Benue- APC Chairman

apc benue interviewee

In this exclusive interview with Nigerian Concord’s Chir Armstrong, the Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Benue state, Comrade Abba Yaro, speaks on some issues affecting the North Central state .He as well assures that a credible local government election will be conducted in the state. Exceprts:

As Chairman of the ruling party (APC) in the state, how you assess the Ortom-led government as recorded so far in Benue state?

Wonderful, it is very wonderful. Governor Ortom’s administration has really done a wonderful work. He has done a lot and we have told the people of Benue to expect more before the end of his tenure.

What do you think prompted the people of Benue to vote for the APC governorship candidate in the last governorship election in the state?

Well, the electorates voted for Change and they have been given the desired change by the Ortom-led administration.

So you mean the electorates have actually got the much anticipated change?

Yes. The handwriting is all over the place for everyone to see. Look at the massive recovery of stolen funds that President Buhari has been able to do. Look at his resolve to make electricity bills affordable for a common man. Look at the resolve to build roads and as well provide several social amenities for the people. The same thing in Benue, the governor has achieved a lot in the areas of infrastructure, security, electrification and others.

The Benue State Independent Electoral Commission has been inaugurated by the governor, but you will recall that the issue raised lots of dust from the major opposition party, the PDP. What do you have to say about it?

My friend, the APC is not PDP. If you look at the composition of the BSIEC board from the chairman to members, none of them is a card carrying member of our party. The governor did the best job in selecting the members of the board. So there is nothing to raise any alarm about.

So should the people of Benue state expect credibility at the forthcoming council polls?

Very well. We will never perform the winners takes all magic. Anybody that is popular should go to the field and test his/her popularity. I want to state here again that the APC-led government shall conduct a credible, free and fair local government election in Benue state.

People are complaining of non-payments of salaries, what is actually the problem that salaries are not being paid as at when due?

(Cuts in) No problem, no problem. Most of the people complaining are ghost workers. There is still 1.6 billion naira laying there unclaimed. If you bring a genuine appointment letter, your salary will be paid to you. If you are not paid after meeting these requirements, then you can hold our party responsible.

Let’s talk of security; Will you say that Governor Ortom’s is doing well to end the bloodbath in the state?

God will help him. Since Ortom became the governor, you can see that the people of Benue have been sleeping with their two eyes close. Andas regards the issue of Fulani herdsmen, I will say the governor has tried his best to quench the crises.

Governor Ortom recently engaged few private citizens of the state in legal battles accusing them of libel. Do you think he acted on a good legal counseling?

He has forgiven them, he has forgiven them.

You are not the representative of BSIEC but as a stakeholder in the state, when should the electorates be expecting the council polls?

Thanks. The election will be conducted in the second quarter of the year and I tell you that the people of Benue state will experience a very free and fair council polls. I want to call on the people of Benue to come out and vote for candidates that will represent their interest.

Finally, what can you say about the economy situation in the state?

The economy situation in the state is not bad and if you have to do the ratio, the APC will get 95% while. Just 10months, oh just look at what we are doing; the governor has ordered all contractors to go back to sites and this is already yielding results.


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