Why I Want To Be Chairman OfAkure South Local Govt- Hon. Alarapon

In this interview with Nigerian Concord, Honourable Adebayo Alarapon, a former caretaker Chairman of Akure South Local Government who is also the chairmanship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the forthcoming local government election speaks on his ambition, past achievements and how he wants to make more positive changes. Excerpts:

Can you tell us why you want to run for chairmanship election in the forthcoming local government election in Ondo state?

I want to serve my people. I am from Akure and I deserve to serve them. It is not by giving money to the people that will make you serve them. You have to serve them in all ramifications. If you have money, give them but if you don’t have money, give to them what you can offer, I mean serve them, and that is what I want to do now.

How do you want to develop the local government if you are elected as chairman?

Like I told you before, I have come to serve my people. All I want to render is my total service and my total commitment to the people of Akure south local government. I will empower the youth, the women and the general public. I will embark on adequate development of infrastructures. We need to do a lot of drainages to make all the township roads passable because the best dividends of democracy for the people to get are roads. Also, I will do everything to improve the educational system in Akure South. So I am committed to serve the Akure people to the best of my knowledge.

Do you think the election will be credible especially now that the major opposition party, APC, has threatened a boycott?

The election will be free because it is only the APC that says it will not participate perhaps for lack of funds. Other political parties are going to participate in the election because I have seen their posters in town. Of course, the election may be a walk over for me as a result of my track records when I was serving as a Caretaker Chairman in the local government.

Can you tell us some of the changes you made during your days as caretaker chairman?

Thank you very much. During my days as the caretaker chairman in Akure South local government, i was able to embark upon and completed the following projects: Kajola Oda Powerline backfilling and line drainage, Aladesaye crescent Oda construction line drainage, Line drainage at Oke Ogba Akure, Culvert at Aule Road, Akure, Construction of culvert at Abusoro, Construction of drainage at Oluwatuyi, Construction of drainage and culvert at Oke Odu. Others are the comprehensive rehabilitation of the NULGE’s Bus, and the newly purchased furniture for chairman’s conference room. Also, i started and completed the following projects: Culvert at Oluwasuyi 2, Opposite OSRC, culvert at Itaoniyan ile, culvert at Esure Quarters, borehole at Ojulenla street, Sijuwade, line drainage and culvert at Oke ogba Akure, two box culverts at Club 20, Electricity at Olusola international school Road, Akure and so many others.

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