EKITIGATE: TKO Aluko’s Second Coming Into Fayose’s Life


EKITIGATE: TKO Aluko’s Second Coming Into Fayose’s Life

The Ekiti state governor, Dr. Ayodele Fayose, doesn’t need a prophet to tell him that the second coming of the embattled former Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. TKO Aluko, into his life will very dangerous for him and his camp.

Politics apart, I don’t think Fayose should see any good thing that Dr. Aluko can ever offer him, his government or his political camp having soiled his own image by his questionable characters.

I must say that I was so disappointed in Governor Fayose when I saw in him in a close talks with TKO Aluko via a video link that was broadcast two weeks ago by his media aide, Mr. Lere Olayinka.

For goodness sake, I still wonder why the governor allowed such meeting to hold in the first place when he indeed knows whom Dr. Aluko’s paymasters are.

Is Fayose trying to tell us that leopards have started changing their skin now or will he want to say that will ever come back to his camp genuinely?

If the answers are Yes, then Fayose should be prepared for more than the embarrassment he got from Aluko few months go when he (Aluko) went live on Channels TV to expose whatever dirty deals they may have had before.

Thanks to the governor’s aide, Mr. Olayinka, who was able to give it hot to Aluko during the political debate which lasted for about an hour that Sunday night.

Fayose should be asked why he wants to use his hand to ruin all he has laboured for. He should be asked why he wants to expose his lieutenants to a risk by trying to bring Aluko, a man of dirty image, back into his life. Mr. Governor, the second coming of Aluko into your life, if you allow it, will certainly lead to the begining of your very end.

It Is only a fool that will ever trust Aluko based on his past attitudes towards Fayose. Even the APC leader, Tinubu, hat is sponsoring him financially doesn’t trust him because it is wide believed that he will do him more evil than the ones he had done to Fayose. So Mr. Governor, why are you working planning your exit from Oke Ayobo by yourself?

Aluko deserves nothing but Fayose’s wrath having openly said that he was part of the plans to rig the 2014 governorship election in Ekiti state.

Aluko deserves no pity having said that he was part of the plans to use the military to manipulate the said election. He went on by saying that the military men were given names of APC strong men in some areas for them to be confined in a place where they would not ba able to go out to vote or manipulate the electorates.

Fayose should apologize to his supporters for honouring the meeting he had with Aluko two Sundays ago. He gave Aluko some points to make or who wouldn’t believe him when he said he agreed to face the press together with the governor just for the safety of his family?


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