Americans Accuse Judge Norgle Of Bias During Rulings

By Tope Bamisaye

Americans are presently accusing Judge Charles Richard Norgle of being biased during most of his rulings especially in cases involving employers and their employees.
Judge Richard Norgle is the same Chicago District Judge in charge of the United States case against the senator representing Ogun East Senatorial District, Senator Buruji Kashamu.

According to ‘The Robing Room’, a paper obtained by our reporter, Americans living in Chicago accused Judge Norgle of always favouring employers against their employees even if they (employers) are found wanting.
One of them who commented on the website of ‘The Robing Room’, said that Judge Charles Norgle is the worst judge he had seen in his life. He further said that the judge can neither control nor hide his bias.

Another person who commented on the website said the judge is ill-tempered and apparently biased. He added that Norgle frequently and unreasonably yells at counsels and persons appearing before him especially for issues upon which he is not prepared of checked facts.

Furthermore, the commentator said Judge Norgle is a poor example of the otherwise adequate group of judges in the Northern District of Illinois.

Another commentator said that Norgle is the worst judge in the Northern District. He pressed further that the judge is not hugely biased but very dumb on top of it. He added that when you draw Norgle for a case, you know your prayers haven’t paid off.


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