Backlash: Lai Mohammed And His Many Errors

By Abiodun Oluwarotimi

If care is not taken, the Honourable Minister for Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, will make President Mohammadu Buhari’s government irrelevant and unpopular.

As a result of Lai’s double standard on several sensitive issues, the government of President Buhari is fast losing its popularity. It is becoming a government of lies and liars.


Lai Mohammed always behaves like someone who doesn’t have a correct idea of how the federal government is being operated. He behaves like a novice each time he makes statements on issues affecting the country.

For instance, Lai openly said it that the weapons acquired by the administration of former president Goodluck Joanathan were sub-standard. This meant that the Nigerian military was fighting Boko Haram with inferior weapons, and any reasonable man would continue to blame Former President Jonathan for all the failed attempts to curb insurgents in the Northeast.

To me, it shows that Lai Mohammed isn’t capable to be a spokesperson of the federal government because any competent Information minister must seek advice from his principal before making any public statement so that he won’t use his incompetence to rubbish the government just as he is doing.

We all witnessed the vibrancy of Labaran Maku, Frank Nweke, Professor Jerry Ghana and co when they were Information Ministers. They always made accurate public statements which did never generate any public outburst.

To show that Lai Mohammed isn’t competent, the leadership of the Nigerian Army reacted and asked Lai to stop saying that they are fighting Boko Haram with sub-standard weapons. They told the whole world that all the weapons purchased by Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s administration to fight insurgency were sophisticated ones.

Another instance of Lai Mohammed’s incompetence was when he said the economic situation of Nigeria was beyond the power of President Buhari. Any normal president would sack such information minister the next minute for making the whole world to see that his government is incapable of handling sensitive issues such as economic and security issues.

Lai later came back to deny this statement but the fact remains that the statement had already shown that President Buhari is clueless. It shows that he is not really ready for governance.


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