The Gang Up Against Fayose


By Abiodun Oluwarotimi

Many may not know that the governor of Ekiti state, Dr. Peter Ayodele Fayose, is another biblical Joseph who was sold to slavery by his siblings not knowing that the act would earn him Royalty. Little did Joseph’s siblings know that they would still bow down for the same Joseph that they sold.

No apologies for likening Fayose’s case with that of the Biblical Joseph because the more his (Fayose) enemies gang up against him, the more he gets popularity.

Not in Nigeria will any governor come out frankly and get hard on a sitting president (from another party) and a ruling party at the federal just as Fayose is doing, and gets away with it.

Let get down the memory lane. In 2002, Fayose came to declare his interest to run for governorship in Ekiti state under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at a time he was not known in politics.

He was so new and stood the least chance among other PDP aspirants jostling for the same governorship ticket.

Ordinarily, it was expected that big guns like Chief SK Babalola who was then a Presidential Adviser, was going to win the ticket then. I remember that I was in the convoy of Chief SK Babalola shortly before the primary election, and Fayose’s issue came up.

During the discussion which took place on our way from Ado Ekiti to Ipoti Ekiti, Chief Babalola’s home town, someone cracked a joke and said Fayose was ‘omo ejo ti o wa j’oruko’ meaning a little snake who was looking for a name.

As history would have it, that ‘omo ejo’ little snake who was looking for whom to call it a name (Fayose) floored Chief SK Babalola and other big guns during the primary, and became the PDP candidate for the 2003 governorship election.

Fayose didn’t only stop there, he went on to perform another feat. He was one of the few PDP candidates that unseated sitting governors during the election. Fayose, the little snake who came to seek who would give it a name, beat the then incumbent governor, Otunba Niyi Adebayo, hands down during the election. Either by rigging or otherwise, Fayose, the superman, won the election and was sworn-in as the second executive governor in Ekiti state.

One thing led to the other, and Fayose was impeached in October, 2006. Either legal or illegal, Fayose became the first governor to be impeached in the entire South West. Although, the Ekiti State House of Assembly late said that Fayose was impeached in error.

Now coming to 2014, Fayose once again declared his interest to be governor for the second time but many including me were looking at someone among Prince Adedayo Adeyeye, Surveyor Abiodun Aluko and some other big guns as a posibble candidate of the PDP in the election.

Once again, Fayose, the superman, won the party’s ticket after finding his way into the hearts of PDP leaders both in the state and Abuja.

When the election came, Fayose, another Biblical Joseph, unseated the then sitting governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi. The superman won in all the 16 local governments in Ekiti state, and with this, Fayose, the ‘Oshokomole, Irumole to nje Jollof Rice’ became the first person in the history of Nigeria’s politics to unseat two sitting governors in different election.


Few months to Fayose’s swearing-in, the then APC-led government under Fayemi began moves to ensure that the Judiciary stop his inauguration him. They went to court to say that Fayose had once been impeached as governor and by this, he had no legal right to contest any election in Ekiti state again. They also said that the election was rigged but, all these were thrown out by the court, and Fayose was sworn-in as governor the second time.

Fayose came back as governor at the time the APC was having the highest members in the State House of Assembly led by former speaker Adewale Ominrin. The APC and its national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, bribed the APC lawmakers to storm the House and impeach the governor but, Fayose was very clever. He sent out people to monitor every step that the APC, its leaders and the Ominrin-led lawmakers were taking.

Few days to the end of the tenure of the Assembly members (Ominrin and co), Tinubu reportedly sponsored the biggest gang up against Fayose. According to reports, the APC national leader sponsored a trip of the Ominrin-led lawmakers to Ekiti where they were to impeach Governor Fayose but the move failed as a result of Fayose’s vigilance.

Fayose, didn’t stop there. He makes sure that he always criticizes every bad policies of the APC and President Mohammadu Buhari.


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