By Orimadegun Spence Adeniyi

Even before the man became president 99.9% of those bashing him today have already made up their minds to never see anything good with his presidency.

Amusingly these are the same citizens who claim to be constructive critics, the same persons who claim to bring informed criticisms into important national discuss. How? How can a man so obviously prejudiced about an issue ab initio claim to bring intelligent, nonpartisan, objective discuss into important national issues?

It’s a shame that some of these persons are the supposed intelligent and properly educated folks one expect should possess that modicum of ethico-intelligent maturity capable of informed objectivity.

It’s scary knowing that given the chance, many of these guys are willing to pull a Samson on Nigerians if only to celebrate their long held prejudice that the President cannot succeed (for whatever reasons). It’s such that anytime you come across their vomitus masquerading as objective posts intended as contributions on prevailing issues you once again marvel at how so much education can present alongside so much shallowness and hatered.

Do some of these guys realise that some of us who screamed out the former president started out chanting his praises first and only begged for him to be voted out when we saw his hand work after more than 4years and realised how another 4years will have the country move from coma to death? Why can’t the current man sample that modicum of good will (and period of grace) especially given the everyday revelations on what transpired in the immediate past admin? Why?

Why do humans with blood, same red blood as everyone else coursing through their veins hate so much for no reason at all? Is it ethnicity? Religion? Politics? The lesson these haters miss from the Samson story is that Samson’s euthanasia didn’t happen without serious pains.

When you wish the country ill on grounds of baseless hatered for Mohammadu Buhari be ready too to partake of the resulting pain. Warder wey insist say prisoners must work under rain himself no fit remain dry na. Yes?


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