Written By Mayowa Michael Adeleye, Canada

Let’s look into an important strategy that Nigerians should know about from successful Industrialists in Nigeria.

Do you know what Nigeria need to have steady power supply on-grid?

See what the calculations told me.

Nigeria needs 170,000 Mega Watts to have 24 hours a day constant electricity.

Today, power engineers tell us that $1 million is what you need to get 1MW.

Where will the money come from to get constant power?

The above calculation was done with a population of 170 million.

Note that the population is still growing.

Do you know what the Nigeria successful industrialists are doing?

They invested and built their own independent power plants that can supply between 10 to 12MW.

This is what Government should do to aid manufacturing in it’s ‘made in Nigeria campaign’.

Encourage industrial villages for manufacturing companies. These villages would have constant power supply.

Did you hear the President Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Dr Frank Udemba Jacobs, tell Nigerians that his members spend 9 billion Naira daily on power.

Please note that it is not 9 billion Naira monthly, it is daily.

Power is the main problem in manufacturing.

General Electric (GE) can supply gas powered plant that can generate between 5MW to 12MW of electricity to Power dedicated Industrial Zones each across Nigeria.

General Electric’s Waukesha gas Enginators has been deployed to the Lekki Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in Lagos, to provide an independent 12 megawatts off-grid of uninterrupted power supply to the first phase of the zone with three Waukesha 275GL+ and one VHP 7104GSI gas Enginators, (GE’s 275GL+ and VHP Enginator technology).

The IPP engines run on clean compressed natural gas and propane to provide the operators with a cost-effective alternative to other fuels.

Minister for Power, Babatunde Fashola should look beyond centralization on-grid of power and roll out policies with Manufacturer Association of Nigeria (MAN) for strategically location of IPP for off-grid electricity supply for dedicated industrial zones for Nigeria’s growth as West Africa’s economic driver.

We cannot accomplish our National growth and local industrialization goals without a reliable source of continuous power, which is why Government and MAN need to turn to GE’s Waukesha technology for off grid decentralize solution.

Mayowa Michael Adeleye Writes From Canada


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