Social Media Experts Criticize Ortom’s Administration In Benue


By Our Reporters

The moment is certainly not a good time for Benue State governor, Chief Samuel Ortom as social media experts especially those from the state have now taken their criticism about the governor who they describe as ‘an incompetent governor’ to the Social Media.

Speaking about Ortom’s administration on social media, an analyst, Mr. Iorwase Armstrong, described the present administration in Benue as a failed Ortom-led military inclined government.

He said that his description of Ortom’s administration came after he had taken quality time to study and review the antics of the administration since it came in place in May, 2015.

Saying the government had no blue print, Mr. Armstrong noted that the Ortom-led Government came on board without a valid document to safe-guard his policy/decision making. “No wonder things are really going astray” he added.

He also added that governance in Benue is being run like a village-meeting, stressing that there is no direction and focus. “Theirs is just propaganda and falsehood, and the governor himself is not ready to work like his predecessor, Gabriel Suswam” he noted.

Furthermore, Armstrong said the Ortom-led government had paraded the worst and unprepared media men for the work, adding that the governor’s media team constitute elements that are rude, un-diplomatic and unprofessional in dealing wth official responsibilities.

His words: “His media team rather than answering or attending to questions, they often result to insults. A practical example is the one I witness today when the Governor’s Special Adviser on Media/ICT ruin insults on one miss/mrs Doris Ngurumun on a thread I initiated”

Another Social Media commentator said before the 2015 general elections, Governor Ortom exhibited high-level desperation to rule benue state not because he wanted to bring succour to the people but out of mere pride that he was solely qualified from the political bloc he hail from (MINDA).

Saying that Ortom’s style of leadership is a practical example, the commentator alerted members of the general public to be careful with this show of desperation that is presently being exhibited by the Benue state governor.

On the recent verdict of the Probe Panel set up by Ortom on former governor Gabriel Suswam’s government, another Social Media commentator said: “Having study the Justice kpojime report, I have come to a conclusion that the report is nothing but desperate move to destroy the hard earned reputation of Sankera sons.

“80% of the so called indicted people are from Sankera. The entire Minda region has only one person indicted. Although Minda people were deeply involved in Suswam government, all of them seems to be clean in the eyes of Kpojime report”


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