Political Persecution: Amaechi, Ortom Must Learn From Jonathan’s Fall

Written By Abiodun Oluwarotimi

An adage says it is only a wise man that learns from the downfall of others but this is not the case for the Minister for Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi and Benue state governor, Dr. Samuel Ortom.

Personally, I expect the duo of Amaechi and Ortom not to get themselves involved in anything called political persecution having seen what this same act led Former president Jonathan to.

As a leader at any level, you only make someone very important when you persecute him unreasonably. You make him to gain the sympathy of the majority once you show it to the world that you are against him for no just cause.

Jonathan fell because his actions made the whole world to know that he was fighting Amaechi for no just cause. That gave Amaechi some cheap popularity but if care isn’t taken, the same will happen to him (Amaechi) because he is rapidly making his successor, Governor Wike, to be popular and gaining peoples’ sympathy as a result of the unnecessary war he is waging against the governor.

For Ortom, he is making his predecessor, Dr. Gabriel Torwua Suswam, to be very popular now as a result of the political persecution against him (Suswam).

Recently, Ortom sponsored a verdict of the Probe Panel he set up to probe the administration of Dr. Suswam, and the Panel was so cheap to have made it become clear to Nigerians that its verdict was a script already written by Governor Ortom.

This has made Suswam gain sympathy from Nigerians especially indegenes of Benue state whom he meritoriously governed for eight years.

For the purpose of record, the sympathy of the people and popularity that Jonathan cheaply gave Amaechi was one of the reasons Nigeria went against the former president up till the time the 2015 presidential election was conducted.

Being the Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum, Amaechi then as Rivers state governor was the closest to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan who was president of the federation then.

But things went wrong in 2013 when Jonathan sensed that Amaechi had an ambition to secure a seat in the Presidency (President or Vice President)

Jonathan who couldn’t hide his displeasure over that took the war to the public. He instructed his media aides to make cheap allegations against Amaechi.

Firstly, his (Amaechi) impeachment was planned but it failed having secured the sympathy of Nigerians because of the open criticism from Jonathan and his men.

Secondly, Jonathan did all he could to stop Amaechi from winning a second term election as Chairman of the NGF.

Jonathan’s plans became very glaring to all Nigerians, and this made governors from other parties like CPC, ACN, APGA and others to team up with few governors in the PDP, and they returned Amaechi as their chairman.

Jonathan actually wanted the then Plateau state governor, Mr. Jonah Jang as the NGF chairman then and this made him recognize Jang as the chairman. He said 17 was greater than 19. A parallel NGF secretariat was set up for Jang with Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo state as his Vice.

This again increase Nigerians’ anger towards Jonathan, and Amaechi became more popular and powerful. His sympathy from Nigerians was doubled, and that became the start of Jonathan’s fall.

One now wonders why Amaechi is doing the same thing to Governor Wike now.
Truly, he built Wike politically. He made him SSG and as well nominated him to be Minister under Jonathan.

Because Wike refused to follow him to the newly formed APC then in 2013, Amaechi as the governor of Rivers state initiated a political persecution against him (Wike). He did all to stop him from being governor in the 2015 governorship election in the Oil-rich state.

This earned Wike some popularity and people’s sympathy. He triumphed during the election and became governor.

Did Amaechi learn his lesson and stopped there? No, he didn’t. Rather, Amaechi sponsored the APC governorship candidate, Dr. Dakuku Peterside, at the tribunal, Appeal and Supreme Courts but, Wike triumphed because the open persecution from Amaechi had made him very popular.

To crown it all, people of Rivers state on Saturday explained to Amaechi through their votes at the rerun that he is no longer popular in the political arena of the state.

Amaechi and Ortom should learn from Jonathan’s fall as a result of cheap political persecution.


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