Ondo 2016: Social Media Commentator Faults Senator Borrofice’s Ambition


By Femi Salako, Akure

A Frontline Social Media Commentator,Mr.Abayomi Obabolujo, has shaded one of the governorship aspirants under the umbrella of APC,senator Ajayi Borrofice.

He advised the two term senator to stepdown as age is no longer on his side.

Tagging the APC senator a sleeping senator and a potentially docile governor, the social media commentator said: “Borrofice is a sleeping senator. He will not doubt be a docile governor.”

Read below the full writeup:

“Let’s stop deceiving ourselves in Ondo state. Global trends in leadership is changing. Look at Fashola. Look at Ambode. The problem with this APC federal government is Buhari and his age. Anyone above sixty is too old as governor of Ondo state. They should retire to being party leaders.

We are not in 1979 please. This is 2016. The race should be between Eyitayo Jegede, Olusola Oke, Segun Abraham, Olusola Ebiseni and others within their age bracket. Boroffice has been a sleeping Senator. He will no doubt be a docile governor.

The fact that the man wears white every time suggests that he’s not broad in his reasoning. How can someone puts on same colour every day? That’s rather retrogressive. Not fashionable, not trendy, fixated and myopic. His beards aren’t also well maintained.

In fact he looks unkempt. For goodness sake, how can someone be suggesting someone like Boroffice in this age and time for a trendy Ondo state? Haba! Dr Mimiko might not have done all but he created a standard, a trendy pattern is maintained in all his projects. The colour, logo, market stalls, roads, bus stops, schools, hospitals etc.

Boroffice will draw Ondo state back. The state needs a fellow who can stay awake 24/7, thinking and moving and not a morose looking, one colour attired old man


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