Africa isn’t “poor”! By Mayowa Michael Adeleye


By Mayowa Michael Adeleye, Canada

Africa is economically behind because what Africans understand is consumption and don’t understand the importance of building wealth.

Africans believe in raw export of their God given natural resources to their colonial masters without adding any values to the raw materials.

African countries blessed with Crude Oil deposit are mere raw crude oil exporters without functional refineries to become exporters of refined petroleum products.

African countries blessed with Natural Gas and Petroleum Gas are mere Liquefied Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas exporters without functional petrochemical plants to become producer of fertilizer, plastics, methanol (anti-freeze products), insecticides, pharmaceuticals products.

Functional petrochemical industries in Africa will enable Africa to be self sufficient in production of the Acetyls Sector Group (ASG) which covers acetic acid, vinyl acetate and acetic anhydride, which are used as intermediates for a wide range of applications, solvents to adhesives and water-based paints to cellulose acetate, pain-relieving pharmaceuticals, modified starches, emulsifiers, liquid crystal polymers and dyestuffs.

Africa countries with Gas export their LNG and then use their hard-earned foreign exchange to import in fertiliser from abroad.

Many African leaders steal from their people and send the money back to their colonial master from whom they borrow the same money from.

Most successful Africans want to spend their money in the countries of their colonial masters instead of spending the money in Africa to benefit their people.

Nigeria’s oil paradox is one familiar to many African countries, where an abundance of resources often swamps the ability to use these natural gifts effectively.

Many African nations have massive supplies of crude oil, iron or gold, but lack the infrastructure and industrial know-how to process or refine these resources.

Out go the raw and rough commodities, loaded onto tankers, trucks and planes and exported to far-away shores; in come the refined and finished products—petrol, automobiles and jewellery—imported at a hefty premium.

When Africans see their fellow Africans trying hard to invest capital, invest energy, invest resources to bring about adding values to the natural raw materials in African soils, fellow Africans refuse to support and encourage themselves.

They kill their fellow Africans instead of wanting to see their fellow Africans do well.

Africans must do away with the
compulsive habit of killing their own, compulsive material consumption.

Africans must learn how to build businesses or preserve wealth.

Africans must liberate themselves. Africans must unite and must take responsibility. Africans must vehemently fight the corrupt leaders who run down their African Nations and hold them accountable!

Africans Wake Up!

Mayowa Michael Adeleye

A Canada-based Pharmacist Writes From Canada


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