Economy Meltdown is a plan to bring Nigeria to idol era, says Prophettess Adekunle

IMG-20160219-WA000By Olusola Blessing Akinnagbe

Founder and Evangelist of the Source of Living Word Evangelical Ministry which has its headquarters at Alade-Idanre, Ondo state and other branches in Akure, Ibadan, Lagos and Abuja, Prophettess Victoria Adekunle, on Thursday revealed that the present economy meltdown in Nigeria is a way to bring the country back to the era of idol worshiping.

Making this revelation in a press statement obtained by Nigerian Concord in Lagos, Prophettess Adekunle said God revealed to her that every Nigerian should pray against the rule of the idols in this Nation.

“While they should all pray for the upliftment of Nigeria, I also want everyone to pray for this country because the economy meltdown is an evil set up to bring Nigeria back to the idol era” she said.

The renowned servant of God pressed further that God wants President Mohammadu Buhari to beware of visits from leaders from other countries and as well limit his foreign trips, stressing that Nigeria might be led back to the era of idol worshiping in his quest to find solutions to the country’s problems with the help of foreign leaders.

Her words: “The president should be careful of foreign leaders that visit Nigeria. He too should be careful of his foreign trips because In his quest of finding solutions to Nigeria’s problems, they may lead him to an unknown evil and idol initiation in the name of rescue Nigeria and that will bring the country to the era of slavery for the second time”

Prophettess Adekunle however urged Buhari to completely dedicate his achievement and administration and this nation to the Lord, and not to the foreign leaders that may soon mislead him.

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