Our CHANGE Doesn’t Mean Good Roads, Employment, Others- Amaechi

Nigerians deserve to hear what Transport minister, Hon. Rotimi Amaechi, said in New York about the APC Change. It happened during a short dinner that the former Rivers state governor had with some reporters. Read the conversation below:

Reporters: Sir, thanks for honouring our invitation to dine with us

Amaechi: That is okay. After all, you guys are the first journalists to pay for my dinner. I have always paid for dinners for journalists.

Reporters: Sir, what do you see about the CHANGE thing?

Amaechi: CHANGE? Well, it depends on the angle you are taking it from.

Reporters: when we talk of CHANGE, everyone thinks that the problems of security, electricity, unemployment and so on would have been solved by now but the reverse seems to be the case. What can you say about it?

Amaechi: (laughed). Well, you people (Nigerians) didn’t ask us to explain the CHANGE that we were talking about during our campaigns. You people said you wanted CHANGE and that we have been offering. You people failed to ask us what were contained in the CHANGE. We never promised good road. We never promised stable power or water supply. We never promised employment. All we promised was CHANGE and that could come in any form. Has Nigeria not been changed with the arrests that are being made on looters? (laughed). Nigerians shouldn’t take the CHANGE that we promised for good roads, employment, stable power and water supply and so on. Change is change and nothing more.

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