Ortom, Benue’s political chess master and proliferation of pawns ahead of a political debacle By Emeka Ozoh

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

I am going to deliberately offend some people as I vent out my opinion regarding one man that has always been taken for granted by many of his opponents in politics. Hate him or love him, he understands the political turf better than most of his seemingly sophisticated and equally experienced opponents.

Unassuming and brash to a fault, His Excellency Samuel Ioraer Ortom knows when to pull some strings and allow the game to naturally flow in accordance with his plans. A very keen observer of his politics would readily agree that he hardly makes mistakes when marshalling out his political strategies…

You can see a portrait of Ortom in the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene and The Leadership Secrets of Ancient Godly and Ungodly Kings by yours truly. He lures you into an area that completely appears to be to his disadvantage only to emerge very strong and powerful because you have just been lured into his lair.

The Nyamkyume must live up to his billing. This time around, as usual, he has pushed out the pawns in a very strategic manner and they are already doing his biddings without knowing. I refer to the members of APC in Benue who are tearing themselves apart as they strive to market their choice aspirants while condescendingly villifying other aspirants from the same party. What a shame.

If you continue like this, after the primaries, many of you will not recover from the disappointment and would naturally migrate to other political parties just to spite your former party. Some would remain to work against the party with the malevolent intention of mocking the party members when the candidate loses. Others would become apathetic and adopt Bola Ige’s attitude when faced with an absurd and complex political situation. While these scenarios are unfolding, with the pawns strategically engaged to reduce the cohesion in the APC, the master chess player in the PDP would be the one to gain. With the pictures painted above, anyone he has chosen as the PDP guber candidate would win easily.

Enough of ” My Mercedes is Bigger Than Yours” attitude and adopt a more unifying and benign diction while selling or marketing your choice aspirants. Never underrate the master political chess player in this game because what you consider a weakness or mistake on his own part is a deliberate move to deceive you into believing that he is clueless and weak. It is just a political feint to make you lose tracks and focus. See the need for alliances. Practice politics across borders and pray for the best to emerge.

Any division in the APC is a plus to the PDP which appears to have doused the cinders of acrimony and barbed disharmony in the party in Benue. Those thinking that it’s going to be an easy win for the APC should think twice. Yes, it can only be an easy win where you can beat the master political chess player to his game by remaining united and finishing strong. Avoid a political debacle.