Benue PDP condemns FG’s rice pyramids

Nigerian Concord Newspaper


The hubris surrounding the ceremonial pyramids of rice built in Abuja a few days back by the All Progressives Congress (APC) controlled regime of President Muhammadu Buhari has come and gone.

And like most policies of the regime, the aftermath is a hollow echo which conveys the fact of Nigerians having already commenced sweeping the episode away onto the heap of things to be forgotten about.

With the myriad of pains and sufferings the regime serves them every day, the masses can hardly add a jamboree of bags of rice stacked on show somewhere to their list of concerns.

Nevertheless, the jamboree did succeed in stirring a few observations which include;

First, the fact of it being a mimicking of the famous groundnut pyramids of old which were globally recognised as symbol of Nigeria’s agricultural power and prosperity;

Secondly, the stark disconnect between those bags of rice gleaned from all over the country to Abuja and the price of the commodity available to the common man in the market.

It is doubtful if the initiators of the project did bother to appreciate the history of the early pyramids as being the product of a surplus in productivity and not just a jamboree rigged into place to score some shallow political points, for if they did they would have seen the absurdity of their timing.

It is also doubtful that agents of the Buhari regime had fathomed how ordinary Nigerians would relate to the idea, for if they did they ought to have known that the idea would come across as cosmetic while worsening the image of the regime as pretentious and lacking in ideas with which to improve the fortunes of the country.

Furthermore, there is the inevitable poser as to the roadmap and timelines contemplated by Mr. President detailing how and when the much hyped anchor growers scheme would grow sufficient muscles to vanquish the hydra-headed monster of inflation and food insecurity?

For the regime in Abuja the pyramids show has come and gone and its initiators may well smile to the bank and thump their chests about its successes, yet to ordinary Nigerians it was one more worrying evidence that this regime has neither the ideas nor the will to take the action needed to turn around for the better their fortunes.

So while its agents may have succeeded in gleaning from all over the country a million bags of rice to Abuja, Nigerians are still going about hungry, unable to afford a handful of the commodity with which to fill their empty stomachs.

Bemgba Iortyom,
State Publicity Secretary,
PDP, Benue State.