Ayu boasts, says PDP will produce next president, blames APC for economic challenges

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Dr Iyorchia Ayu has boasted that the opposition party is poised to produce the next president of Nigeria.

Ayu maintained that the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) led Federal Government has pulled the country backwards economically and must be changed.

Iyorchia Ayu who said this in Port Harcourt at the beginning of this week emphasised that the APC leadership has been unable to harness the rich diversity of Nigerians into better fortunes that should strengthen the bond of brotherhood and promote peaceful coexistence.

He said: “Unfortunately, a very poor leadership has presented Nigeria at home and abroad as an extremely divided country.

“We must change this narrative and the only way to change this narrative and harness not just the culture, but the environment and the richness therein, is to back the Peoples Democratic Party which is determined to produce a new leadership for this country.”

Senator Ayu also enthused that Nigeria will bounce back again with the PDP at the saddle because the project of rescuing the country and making it great is realisable.

The PDP national chairman stated that the expected leadership they will offer at the national level will change the negative characteristics associated with the APC that have been used to deepen the divide among Nigerians in the country.

His words: “The PDP will definitely produce the next president and take the country back to the days when we were in power, when we cleared all foreign debts, when we were developing this country at reasonable speed.

“When we became the richest country on the African continent. But today we are the poverty capital of the world. All that will change.”