Ayu faults Buhari’s insistence on Grazing Routes

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

National chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Senator Iyorchia Ayu, has faulted President Muhammadu Buhari’s insistence on Grazing Routes in his live television interview which he had with Channels TV two days ago

Ayu in his statement said that Buhari’s insistence on recovery of all Grazing routes in Nigeria as the only solution to ending attacks and killing of innocent Nigerians by rampaging fulani herdsmen shows that he lacks idea and also that he is happy with the insecurity in the country.

Accusing President Buhari of being comfortable with the state of insecurity in the country, Ayu noted that the President’s statement that state police was not an option suggested that the situation might not be about to change.

The PDP national chairman also criticised the President for pushing the blame for the incessant killing of farmers by terrorists on locals along grazing routes.

The statement reads in parts: “it appears the continued killings in some localities of Nigeria, particularly in the North, and more specifically in President Buhari’s home state of Katsina, may not matter to him” with his statement that state police is not an option”.

The PDP chairman, who described Buhari’s interview on Channels Television as a waste of time, said it would be futile for anyone to expect anything new from the President.

He added, “As has been said by many before now, to expect anything new from our President would be a misplaced and unfortunate expectation.

“From the economy, to insecurity, killing of innocent farmers by terrorists (which some erroneously term farmer/herder clashes) and other sundry issues, President Buhari honoured his calling as a President who has nothing new to offer.”