Benue APC misleading the public on why Ortom hasn’t been commissioning projects

Aare Abiodun, De Oracular Oracle

The social media have been filled with negative reports from the media handlers of the Benue State chapter of the APC to mislead the public on a statement credited to the governor of the state, Dr. Samuel Ortom, on why he hasn’t been commissioning projects executed and completed by his administration.

In their negative, malicious and misleading social media posts, the Benue APC media handlers are claiming that the governor hasn’t done any project since he got to power in 2015 whereas what he (Ortom) meant was that he has numerous projects which he had completed in the last six years but decided not to waste public funds to commission them.

Yes, what is the need to waste money that could be used to execute one or two projects on mere commissioning of existing projects done by the same administration?

Governor Samuel Ortom has done well by helping the state to manage its resources.

Now, let’s give the Benue APC media handlers some education. The governor said he isn’t comfortable with the outrageous expenses that are being brought before him each time he wants to commission any project. Is that not resource management?

Refusal to commission projects doesn’t mean that the governor doesn’t have hundreds of projects his administration started and completed since he got to power in 2015.

Meanwhile, Governor Ortom said in the report that he will not hesitate to commission all his projects if it becomes a general request that he does that. What again does Benue APC wants?

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