Suswam: 2023 Presidency should be about merit, not zoning

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

The former governor of Benue State, Senator Gabriel Suswam has urged Nigerians to focus on merit ahead of zoning as the country prepares to choose who leads the country in 2023.

The Senator representing Benue North East Senatorial District in the Senate stated this in an interview on Roots TV.

“Instead of saying we are looking for the best person to rule the country, we are busy saying that the person should be a southerner or northern, that is arrant nonsense,” he said.

He continued: “I will say this is politics, every person pulls to his side, but there will always be a compromise,I think we will come to a compromise.

The former governor stressed that many of the people advocating for zoning ahead of merit have nothing to offer, hence their preference for zoning over merit.

He allayed the fears of those who feel the agitations for power shift will affect the conduct of the elections.

“The southern governors came out with a position and the northern governors are only reacting to it.

” I don’t think this alone is going to break the country, we will arrive at some compromise as the days for the election draws near.

“Those things are what English speakers call political jingoism. some people are engaged in all kinds of talking, that’s not to say there won’t be an election.
“There will be an election, somebody is going to win, be it a southerner or northerner.”

Senator Suswam added that what Nigerians need at the moment is someone who can address the challenge of insecurity, enhance the welfare of the people, not minding if he is a southerner or northerner.

“At this stage of our development, where you come from does not matter. I think what Nigeria needs is a president who can provide security, a president who can put food on their table, a president who can enhance their welfare and well-being.”