Tribute to an illustrious Akure son By Hon. Dr. Tayo Olujuyigbe

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Sun Set at Dawn, We Weep in Silence.
The loss of a patriot, a philanthropist, a Political icon, a grassroot mobiliser, and a gregarious socialite cannot but whip up emotions and Tears in the eyes of his Compatriots. Adedayo Omolafe’s exit from the Planet Earth cannot but elicit a great deal of shock, emotions,Tears and excoriating sorrow in the hearts of his Compatriots.

Expensive’s positive Political escapades in all his areas of jurisdiction, particularly in the totality of Akure Land will remain a legacy and reference point for Posterity. Dayo’s stay has been short but very impactful.

His Association and relationships with people are not only pleasant but also progressive. With his disarming Humility and Humanity, he secured the affection and confidence of both young and old – he has indeed captured his world. Dayo, by your Simplicity and Generosity you have imprinted your foot indelibly in the sand of history. You impacted swiftly so wide and so fast as if you knew the limitation of your sojourn on earth. You derived so much pleasure in making others Happy.

You ascended the Political ladder from Councillorship to National Assembly getting to the zenith within a record time as permitted by your circumstance, infact you were an achiever of no mean measure. You remain a pride to your Community and your family. God will grant all the loved ones the fortitude to bear the irreparable Loss.

—– Hon Dr Tayo Olujuyigbe Saying a Long Goodbye.