Orubibi blasts Buhari over insecurity, bad economy as Akume’s loyalists, media handlers shun reception

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Former chairman of the Benue State Board of Internal Revenue, Ms. Mimi Orubibi, today condemned the federal government led by her party, APC, over the rising insecurity and bad economy of the country.

Mimi Orubibi, a former Senatorial candidate of the APC, made the condemnation while addressing newsmen at IDPs camp Abaagena, Makurdi.

Speaking on the hike in food prices in Nigeria, Orubibi said: “The Government at the center has made life unbearable for her citizens. A bread that was sold for 300 naira is now sold at 700, Fulanis has destroyed our farmland and there is no food”

Also condemning the abandonment of the Internally Displaced Persons by the federal government, she said: “I have been away for sometime now but I’m back to the state, you people are still in IDP Camp because the APC controlled government at the top has failed. I’m in pains, i do not have much to give you but to pray that peace returns back to the State. I am part of the system and i must say the current administration of President Buhari has failed completely. What we have at the moment is a disaster.

Orubibi however urged the people of Benue to join hands together with the government of the state led by Governor Samuel Ortom in order to flush this disaster (insecurity) out.

Speaking on further, Orubibi said: “It’s unfortunate that we call people senior citizens. Who are the senior citizens? Cows have become senior citizens in Nigeria to push out people from their homes.

” I am aware there is an IDPs camp.
So, I came to sympathize with them because I feel what they are feeling. When I got back I asked for a price of bread and they told me bread was N700 and I said in Nigeria, when I knew last bread was N250 to N300. Now, if you are buying bread for a family of seven how many bread with that person buy with a salary of N100,000?

“How long will these people be here for us to continue to bring some bags of rice, cartoons of Indomie for them to give to their children?
All I ask is that President Buhari and those at the helm of affairs to do the needful to resettle these people.

” I remember that when Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo came here in 2018, he promised that he was going back and our families will be relocated. That has not been done .

” I plead with my party, I plead with the President, I plead with all those in charge of making policies and resettling people, humanitarian department to come to the aide of the people who are languishing here(in IDPs camp).

“While at IDP Camp, i was pained at the sight of those who have been displaced as a result of the fulani attacks, i cried out to the Federal Government to come to our aide. Already, I’m receiving calls that i insulted President Buhari but i wish to repeat here again, Bread was sold at 300 before but now we are buying it for 700. I care less about alphabets, not minding if I’m a member of the APC, the Federal Government has failed the people of Nigeria. There is no hiding.

” Today may not be a decamping ceremony but i will speak to the people of Benue State shortly, i have the right to join any political platform of my choice”

Meanwhile, loyalists to the minister of special Duties and Intergovernmental Affairs, Senator George Akume, all shunned the reception held in honour of the former Zone A Senatorial candidate.

The development, Nigerian Concord gathered was a result of the internal crisis between Akume and her estranged political god-daughter, Mimi Orubibi, over the minister’s decision to back another candidate for Zone A Senatorial election.

Apart from Akume’s loyalists, all the registered social media handlers of the Benue State chapter of the APC also boycotted the reception on the order of the former senator.