Fulani Killings, Ortom’s accusations and Buhari’s wicked utterances on Arise TV

By Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi (Nigerian Concord)

Yesterday, President Muhamadu Buhari was on a live interview on Arise TV where he was expected to pacify Nigerians on the issue of insecurity and as well calm down the Yoruba and Biafra nations agitators. Rather, the president who is supposed to be our Chief Security Officer was speaking like a military dictator in a Civilian’s dress. He gave himself out that he can no longer protect us.

There are four things that Nigerians as well as the International Community must understand in the Arise TV’s interview. They are that:

1. The president was trying to frustrate the spirited efforts being made by the governor of Benue state, Mr. Samuel Ortom, to expose the fulani men behind all the killings in his state and the country as a whole by inciting the public against the governor with his wicked allegation that the Benue governor wasn’t fair to him.

The president was trying to be cunning. He knew he had nothing meaningful to say, and that was why he was trying to attack Governor Ortom in his interview. If not, why would the president describe the anti open Grazing Law aimed at curbing farmers/herders clashes in Benue state as “an aggressive anti open Grazing Law”? That was unfair to a governor who is doing all he can to bring peace and security to his state.

Was Governor Ortom not right when he said that the president had failed to take actions against fulani herdsmen? Has the president himself not made it clear to the world that he has failed to tackle them (herders) with his words during the Arise TV’s interview that he had backed Open Grazing which is the reason for all the Fulani attacks across the country?

The president has failed Nigerians by reiterating in his interview that he had told Governor Ortom that the herdsmen perpetrating the attacks are not the Nigerian ones. What of those that went to attack the governor on his farm recently, aren’t they Nigerian herdsmen? Why is the president protecting criminals, and why hasn’t he condemned the attack on the Benue governor since it took place? Instead, he ordered the IGP to declare that those arrested in connection with the crime weren’t Fulani herdersmen. Too bad! Maybe he would have spoken on it if the attack was carried out by Ombaste Cult, IPOB or OPC.

According to the president during the interview, Tivs, which form the majority in Benue, and the Fulanis had been engaged in cultural conflicts for a long time. Yes, that is a bit correct but it has never been this bad. We used to hear of such cultural conflicts but not to the extents of killing hundreds of innocent people everyday. Not to the level of burning down entire villages all in the name of cattle rearing. Not to the extents of attacking a sitting governor with the aim of killing him just because he says the truth always. Not to the extents of moving thousands of AK-47 riffles and explosives into Tiv lands with the aim of hijacking their lands from them forcefully. Mr. President must wake up

2. The president has placed cows over Nigerians. He values the lives of cows than the lives of Nigerians who brought him to power (Did he even win the poll). If the president valued the lives of Nigerians, would he have backed Open Grazing during the interview? Would he have directed his “Viju Milk Attorney General” to begin to hijack lands for fulani herdsmen from their owners forcefully? It is obvious that the president doesn’t have it in mind to protect Nigerians. He doesn’t have any plan to curb fulani herdsmen (Of course, he won’t stop them because he is the Patron of Miyetti Allah Association) Nigerians should be aware that the president has declared a serious war on the country by approving Open Grazing for his co- herders.

3. The president doesn’t respect the rule of law. If the president had any regard for the rule of law, would he have said in the interview that he is against the joint decision of all the governors in the country to ban Open Grazing in their states? Who doesn’t know that Open Grazing is the reason for all the killings of innocent people in the country?

4. The president is sufficiently behind all the attacks by fulani herders and even the insecurity in Nigeria. If the president wasn’t behind it all, why did he fail to address the matter regarding a Military Helicopter that was caught in a bush last week, waiting for the people to pack the money and ammunition therein? Was it not when the occupants in the Helicopter realised that they were being recorded by passersby that they flew out of the bush? The president has failed us.

Only God can save Nigeria as it is sitting on a full keg of gun powder.

I am Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi De Oracle that eats Jollof Rice in the shrine. I write for Nigerian Concord Newspaper In Lagos State.