Yoruba Nation: Yoruba group lambasts Tinubu, South West Governors, labels them as Fulani slaves

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

A Yoruba group, the Yoruba Nation Global Directorate (YNGD) has lambasted Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and the South West Governor on the statement credited to them for the rejection of Yoruba Nation saying no going on the actualisation of Yoruba Nation autonomy.

The group however described Asiwaju Tinubu and the Governors as unpatriotic, self-serving, wasteful, and Fulani slave leaders.

In a statement signed by the Directorate Director, Princess Adeola Atayero Olamijulo, the Directorate said it is laughable that southwest governors and Ogbeni Bola Hamed Tinubu could say they are speaking for Yoruba while working against the interest of the masses.

The statement said: “It is unreasonable to assume Bola and his cohorts are enough to decide for the future generation of unborn in Yoruba Nation.”

“It is worthy of note that Professor Soyinka has described some generation as “wasted generation.”

The Directorate plead with every unprogressive politicians who have publicly declared they are not Patriotic Yoruba Nationalist to stay on their lane and let the Yoruba youths and the masses decide their future.

According to Olamijulo, “The future belongs to the Yoruba youths who will manage their socio-economic, educational, and scientific developments. The new generation is here to put an end to _Baba Sope_ and _alright sir_ political anomalies being currently propounded and propagated in Nigeria.

“It is no gainsaying that Yoruba as people are tired of the under-dog status brought on them by the governors whose actions and utterances are counter productive to the legitimate expectations of the Yoruba people.

She went on: “It will be recalled that the southwest governors and some selected individuals sympathetic to the Fulani occupation of Yoruba ancestral homeland issued a communique where they opposed the agitation for Yoruba nation. Although it noted the spate of banditry, terrorism and violent criminality which has affected lives and livelihood of Yoruba nation, the failure of the federal and states governments to rise to the occasion amid lack of political will to halt genocidal banditry hasn’t gone without notice by the citizens of Yoruba Nation and the world at large.

“The Directorate is using this medium to chide Yoruba presumptuous leaders who have publicly demonstrated they are nothing but a mere paper Tiger, spineless and lacking in foresight.

“Whilst the Fulani have concluded the emasculation of the rest of the country, these Lilly-livered lots are hell-bent in submitting the lives of the Yoruba to the suicidal altar of the Fulani hegemony. Needless to say, only a sick leadership will be blind to what is going on in Yorubaland.

The Directorate however notes that role call at their press release showed that the Directorate and none of the Yoruba self-determination groups was invited to the meeting.

“We are saying that the views expressed at the meeting was therefore skewed, unrepresentative, self-serving, and unpatriotic.

“The Directorate asked if the governors and Afenifere were deaf to the constitution of the Force Majeure and the implication of the silence of the repudiated federal government of Nigeria in respect of the aforementioned.

“Consequently, the press being the Fourth Estate of the Realm has a fundamental role to play. The press has been shirking in this responsibility since General Mohammed Buhari took the dishonorable road to perdition. It must re-enact what it did during the dark period of Abacha years by staying on the side of the truth and the masses. “The press too should educate themselves on the use of words. The use of the word “secession” is inappropriate in the constitutional circumstances the ethnic nationalities met themselves.

“The United Nations Convention, regional Convention and other human rights instruments endorsed and assimilated by Nigeria the right to self-determination. It is a constitutional matter, and the issue of ‘secession’ does not arise. It is a legitimate claim to which the Yoruba people like any other ethnic groups in the former Nigeria is entitled to claim.

“The southwest governors and Bola Hamed Tinubu group asked Federal Government to provide finance for the states as if they were dead when the Fulani government was doling out unbudgeted money to their Fulani kinsmen at the expense of the other regions of Nigeria.

“And did Bola Hamed Tinubu himself help the poor market women whose wares and goods were caught in the spate of inferno that engulfed Sasa market in Oyo and Lagos States?

“And what was Bola Tinubu’s response to Lekki massacre and his standoffishness as a Yoruba leader while fronting his son in the face of grief left much to be desired. His consistent unpatriotic stand is un-omoluwabi and condemnable” She noted.

The directorate therefore called on all the Yoruba youths, professionals, artisans, women organizations, and all lovers of Yoruba nation to revolt against the agents of the Fulani Oligarch parading themselves as Yoruba leaders.

“Take your fate in your hands. Chase the enemies of the Yoruba nation to the regions of their masters.

The statement said, “all the Southwest governors and Bola Hamed Tinubu’s satanic verses deserve repudiation.” it added.