Exposed: Why Mkor Aondona joined Akume’s camp to blackmail Ortom

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Nigerian Concord Newspaper can authoritatively report that Dr. Mkor Aondona joined the media attacks on Governor Samuel Ortom by the camp of the minister for Special Duties and Intergovernmental Affairs, Senator George Akume, in 2018 because of the governor’s refusal to stop his sack at the Benue State University when he was accused of cases of sexual harassment and illegal extortion of money from students of the Department of Political Science.

Recall that Mkor took the media campaigns of Governor Ortom on his head until he joined Senator Akume’s camp in 2018 after which he was appointed Media Aide to the minister.

According to findings, Mkor who was accused of rape and illegal extortion of money from students approached Ortom to help him stop his sack by the University authorities in 2018 but the governor declined his request.

It was gathered that the governor repeatedly told the sacked lecturer that he wouldn’t be part of illegality as he was prepared to allow justice to prevail in the investigation which lasted some months.

It was also gathered that when Mkor realized that Governor Ortom would not save his job at the University, he went to Akume who promised to give him a political appointment after his sack if he could lead his (Akume) media team to fight the governor and his administration.

Below are full details about Mkor Aondona’s case:


As a staff of Benue State University, BSU, his first assignment was at the Centre for Continuous Education of the institution. Mkor began life at the university as admission racketeer! While in the continuous education unit, Mkor manoeuvred and got an admission form which he photocopied and sold to four different students who were looking for admission. This, he tactlessly did without his conscience pricking him that he would be caught.

Unknown to him, admission forms then carried only one serial number. When the admission list came out, three other students were claiming they were given admission apart from the one who was issued a receipt. Their claims were weighty since all the admission letters issued to them carried the same serial number.

When the case came up and it was discovered that Aondona Mkor was the pin man, the Senate sought to dismiss him immediately but with the intervention of the then visitor of to university, Rt. Hon Gabriel Suswam, he was given an executive pardon with a caution to him never to indulge in any criminal practice again.

This time, Mkor was transferred to another Department (Political Science to be precise) as lecturer.

As a lecturer in Pol Science, Mkor was soon found to be meeting students who he felt were from well to do families during examination times; telling them how poorly they performed in the exams with a promise to award marks to them. He could extort a minimum of N10,000 to N20,000 from many unsuspecting students.


The saying which goes that “many days are for the thief but one day for the owner” eventually caught up with the man. At this time, he cajoled his sister from Ushongo Local Government who was the course representative of 200Level in the department to bring scripts of an assessment he gave them to his office for recording. It was there he attempted to force her to have canal knowledge with her.

Unfortunate for Mkor, the energetic young lady overpowered him and ran for her dear life as he gasped for breath with his bulging stomach like that of a woman with an 8-month old pregnancy.
Mkor was then reported to the BSU management; an offence punishable with outright dismissal.

His cases kept piling up till that moment the University Senate sat and agreed to sanction him together with 24 others who were found culpable of committing various crimes including sex assaults.

Aondona Mkor’s case preceeded Ortom’s administration. One could wonder why this man who has found pleasure in being the devil’s incarnate would be blaming the Governor for his evils. Did the Governor as him to sell forms illegally rape students?

Ortom’s stance on this matter should be applauded since he allowed the Senate to decide the necessary displinary measures against an incurable randy lecturer.

If it were in developed countries, Mkor’s certificates would have been withdrawn leaving him worthless the way he is. His pedigree does not connote a university graduate, let alone a lecturer. No wonder, many feel that he is a disgrace to the academia, BSU in particular and youths of the state in general.