Agbidyeh’s Arrest: APC leaders in Benue, Abuja mount pressure on police to secure lawmaker’s release

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Nigerian Concord Newspaper can authoritatively report that leaders of the APC both in Benue state and Abuja have started mounting pressures on the police in order to secure the immediate release of the Benue’s lawmakers representing Katsina Ala State Constituency, Honourable Jonathan Agbidyeh, who was arrested in Makurdi today for kidnapping, murder and theft.

Agbidyeh, a close ally of Benue’s most wanted notorious criminal, Terwase Akwaza popuarly known as Gana, was arrested in Makurdi, the Benue state capital, today by detectives of the Police Special Squad under the command of Deputy Commissioner of police, Abba Kyari.

Recall that the lawmakers was arrested for the same Offences last year but he was released after few days in detention as a result of frantic efforts and severe pressures from leaders of the APC in Benue state and Abuja.

Source who spoke with this newspaper over today’s arrest of Agbidyeh hinted that it was a strong and worded petition which was recently sent to the Inspector General of Police by someone whose name is unknown during press time that forced the police to order for the lawmaker’s arrest.

According to the source, the lawmaker had always boasted that the police would never arrest or prosecute him over the Offences as a result of the influence of his political godfathers both in Benue and Abuja.

Meanwhile, this newspaper gathered this evening that the police is presently being pressurized by some powerful men who are APC leaders both in Makurdi and Abuja to ensure that the lawmaker is released on bail.

According to a police source who doesn’t want to be mentioned because he has no authority to speak on the matter, a certain APC leader who resides in Abuja was the first to send a delegation of four people to the Benue State Police Command in Makurdi where a meeting was held with the police authority in the state on the possible release of the lawmaker.

The police source who confirmed that the police has unraveled Agbidyeh’s links with Terwase Akwaza, Gana during investigation, made it known that the meeting with the four-man delegation sent by the APC leaders in Abuja (Name withheld) met a brick wall as the police authority in Benue state didn’t agree to release the detained lawmaker despite pressures. .

The source also hinted that a traditional ruler from Agbidyeh’s constituency (Name withheld) visited the lawmaker this evening in company of a former House of Representatives member from Zone A (Name withheld) but all their efforts to manipulate the police to release him on bail went futile as they were told that the order to arrest and brought him (Agbidyeh) to Abuja was directly from the Inspector General of Police.

It was also gathered that a delegation had also been sent to the police station by the Benue chapter of the APC this evening to secure the release of the Katsina Ala lawmaker but all efforts were to no avail, according to our source.

This newspaper gathered also that the lawmaker will be transferred to Abuja any moment from now for further investigation