The Ibrahim Agboola Gambari i know is not treacherous


By Gabriel Torwua Suswam

I join other well meaning Nigerians in congratulating the erudite scholar and global citizen, Prof Ibrahim Gambari on his well deserved appointment as Chief of Staff to Mr President.

My first contact with Prof Gambari at the Headquarters of the United Nations where he served then as Under Secretary General in 2001 left me with the impression of a very diligent committed and thorough person with a high sense of patriotism

When the Nigerian Army troops, in 2001 massacred innocent citizens in Zaki Biam , I as a member of House of Representatives representing the area then took a petition to the UN in New York without knowing the protocol of how to go about submitting such a petition.

Luckily for me i ran into Bola Ige,SAN of blessed memory who after explaining my mission to him introduced me to prof Gambari via phone. From that phone introduction, Prof Gambari took me in and made sure that I not only submitted the petition to the Security Council but he personally discussed with the president of the council who invited me to their meeting for two days as an observer and infact introduced me in the meeting.

I want to believe that the Nigerian Army slowed down on the Zaki Biam genocide because of the pressure that was brought to bear on the government then from the UN not discounting the efforts of some prominent Benue sons at that time. To characterize such a person as treacherous is to say the least mischievous and unfair

Nigeria is privileged to once more enjoy the services of one of her most outstanding and brilliant citizens. I have no doubt that Mr President’s confidence in such an unbiased mind is not misplaced. Most Nigerians believe this is one of mr president’s best appointments .

Prof Gambari might not even remember this favour he did to me and by extension the people of Benue.

Senator Gabriel Torwua Suswam, Writes from NASS, Abuja.