COVID-19, Susan Okpe, Benue Politicking and name mentioning by the govt


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Benue will become very comfortable for her citizens the day politicians stop politicising everything that happens around. The issue of Susan Okpe who came into Nigeria from the London with Coronavirus keeps lingering on peoples’ minds.

This patient was tested positive of COVID-19 by the NCDC in Abuja and people are blaming Governor Samuel Ortom for her ordeals. Was it the governor that gave her the disease? No.

If not that she had the plans to infect Benue people with the Virus, why has she been refusing treatment? Why did she keep herself in a private clinic without mentioning what was wrong with her? Benue and politics, I guess.

Why did Susan keep mute since Saturday that she had been confirmed to have had the disease before bursting out this afternoon that she doesn’t have COVID-19 if not that some Benue politicians who will never see anything good in Ortom’s administration despite all his good will had reached her to make statements that could set the state on fire?

Of course, all Susan said were political statements prepared for her to read by the enemies of Benue state. It was a script prepared for her to act by politicians who will seize every opportunity to blackmail Governor Ortom and his government.

The NCDC had tested highly placed people including two serving governors and confirmed them positive to the Virus so why would they lie about Susan’s status? Was it Ortom that established the NCDC?

Personally, the latest twist to the issue where Susan is claiming that she doesn’t have the virus after being confirmed in Abuja is an indication that Politicians are already politicising the matter.

So they want to set Benue government against the British government by forcing Susan to say In her stage-managed statement that she is being punished at the isolation center just because she is a Briton? They will now say that foreign governments are against Ortom’s government when the trouble which they are planning starts?

And to get those behind the politicisation is an easy task if you critically look at the social media pages of those that have been wrongly attacking the governor for using Susan issue to make money. Which money ?

Yes, the APC social media handlers may have been briefed on the task hence their quick media crucification of the governor shortly after Susan raised the alarm which has a political tone.

About name mentioning, whoever blames Governor Ortom on this is an enemy of Benue state. If Nigerian governors and other highly placed individuals both in Nigeria and beyond could have their names mentioned so people around them could stay away from them while they take treatment, then what should be wrong in the mentioning of Susan’s name by the Benue government ? Her name was mentioned so people around her could stay away. So that people who might have had contact with her could isolate themselves too. Why should anyone be blamed for that?

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