Ortom’s Foreign Trips: Benue APC misleading the public, exposing Akume to public angers


Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Last weekend, the Benue state government issued a statement through CPS Terver Akase to inform that Governor Samuel Ortom would embark on a trip to the US and one other to France.

In the statement, it was clearly stated that the trips are for the governor to attend some business conferences which will no doubt be beneficial to the entire Benue state. Only a mediocre like those in the media team of the Benue APC can claim ignorance of the developments which the Trade Forum as well as the International Agricultural Conference that Ortom and his delegates are going to attend both in the US and Paris, France will bring to Benue state.

Shortly after the statement was issued by Terver Akase, the Benue APC spokesperson, James Ornguga, in his usual act of “I must see something to talk about Ortom every time” went on the Social media to castigate the trips.

James Ornguga did not stop at that but he also planted the statement which he had earlier issued on Friday to condemn the trips inside a national newspaper believed to be working for the APC in the North Central (Not Nigerian Concord).

In his statement, the APC mouthpiece did his best to mislead the public that none of Governor Ortom’s foreign trips had yielded any positive result.

He cited some foreign trips and MOUs which took place under Ortom between 2015 and 2017 as examples. Yes 2015 to 2017, the time the governor was working under the instruction of his estranged political godfather, Senator George Akume.

The Benue APC may be right in their submission on the governor’s foreign trips between 2015 and 2017 because no one expected Ortom to record any success at that time when it was “The Leader” and other APC chieftains in the state that were controlling the economy and funds of Benue state.

Even if any investors or foreign government that Ortom had met between 2015 and 2017 wanted to do businesses with Benue state at that time, there were likelihoods that they may decide no to do so as a result of godfatherism and poor management and handling of the Ortom-led government by Akume and his cohorts.

However, some of the foreign business trips embarked upon by Ortom between the 2015 and 2017 which Ornguga cited as examples were fruitful except if the Benue APC people have lost their sights to see.

Ornguga should be commended for his true position on Governor Ortom’s efforts to develop Benue state in Paragraph Three of his press statement where he said that the intention of these present trips to the US and Paris, France will hold prospects.

One will believe that the APC spokesperson made the above statement as a result of the advantages which all the foreign trips which Governor Ortom embarked upon in 2019 have brought to Benue state. Yes, Ortom’s foreign trips have been bringing prosperity to the state ever since he parted ways with the APC and its leaders who were the ones ruling his government for him.

So the Benue APC knows that previous foreign trips of the governor between 2015 and 2017 were unsuccessful just because he was not allowed to govern Benue state by himself?

So they know that his trips have been successful ever since he parted ways with Benue/APC dictators? Yes they know, they are only being economical with truths.

Below are some of the achievements which had been recorded from the governor’s foreign trips since he left the APC and its dictators especially in 2019. There is a need to enumerate these in order to educate the Benue public that had been misled by the Benue APC through its statement issued by James Ornguga,

In October 2019, Governor Ortom met with Ambassadors of the European Union where arrangements to develop agriculture in Benue state were made. They have been working on that now.

In May 2019, the governor met with the Belarus Ambassador, and the country has been working with Benue state government on how to stop the challenges being faced on agriculture and security.

Also in November 2019, the Brazilian government agreed to work with the Benue state government on how to boost entrepreneurship, and that is being achieved now.

It was during the 2019 trip to Brazil that the Brazilian government started to partner with Ortom-led government to develop Benue’s economy. This was as a result of Ortom’s giant strides in economy development.

Between 2018 and 2019, the federal government almost stopped the Anti Open Grazing Law signed by Governor Ortom but in November 2019, the US government stepped into the matter by promising logistics supports to the Benue state government on how to sustain the Anti Open Grazing Law. That was achieved through a foreign trip to the US.

In August 2019, another foreign trip embarked upon by Governor Ortom paid off as the African Chambers of Commerce gave full supports to the economy of Benue state. This wouldn’t have been achieved if the governor didn’t go to New York that time.

In June 2019, the government of Belarus pledged to give supports to Benue state government on Food technology, and this was achieved through a foreign business trip embarked upon by the governor to the country.

In the same June, 2019, Governor Ortom was able to meet with several foreign investors during the Belargo International Exhibition, and they are now working with his government on agriculture and economy development.

Also, African countries like Côte D’Ivoire and Cameroon have started working with the Benue state government to develop economy, agriculture and security, and this was achieved through the foreign trips which Governor Ortom made to both countries where he sought for their supports.

To be continued