Unjust persecution of Oladele Ogundipe of CCC Genesis Global

Prophet Ogundipe

Prophet Ogundipe

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Few days ago, there were media reports that the Sheperd-in-charge of CCC Global Genesis, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe, had announced to withdraw from the international body of the CCC as a result of the backlashes he reportedly got from the Ketu International Headquarters over three incidents that happened during his 2019 Adult Harvest.

Ogundipe was accused to have brought a prominent Fuji musician, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal (K1), to the said harvest which took place two weeks ago as a guest artiste. He was also accused of allowing Cardinal James Odumbaku who wore his cap into the church to also sit on a chair which is usually reserved for the Pastor of the CCC, Reverend EMF Oshoffa.

Part of the media reports said that Ogundipe when invited to give his own explanations to the accusations refused to appear before a Panel of Inquiry. He reportedly sent his own side of the story through a letter.

But a critical look at the issue reveals that it’s not in CCC Global Genesis that a musician who is not a member of the Celestial would be performing for the first time.

As a matter of fact, it was gathered that the said King Wasiu Ayinde had been a member of the CCC in his days as a little child. Apart from that, almost all his instrumentalists are members of the Celestial Church of Christ till today.

Also, findings showed that Cardinal Odumbaku had been wearing his cap inside several CCC parishes, and this did not make the one at CCC Global Genesis a different case.

Deep research also showed that apart from Odumbaku, other prominent Nigerians especially traditional rulers had been given prominent roles to play during CCC services with their caps on them.

An example was the case of the Ooni of Ife, HRM Adeyeye Ogunwusi, who was asked to read a Bible Lesson during the 2018 CCC Convocation at Imeko City in Ogun State.

The Imperial Majesty of Ile Ife was putting his cap on his head while reading the lesson which was assigned to him by the authorities of the Celestial Church of Christ.

Even if no one had been allowed to wear a cap inside CCC in the past, Cardinal Odumbaku had used his own cap inside several CCC activities, and an example was during Governor Sanwo-Olu’s thanksgiving at the CCC International Headquarters, Ketu where he (Odumbaku) wore his cap on the church altar without anyone to challenge or stop him.

If no one was able to stop or challenge Odumbaku who is a prominent leader of the CCC while wearing his cap at the Ketu International Headquarters, then how could Oladele Ogundipe have done so during his own harvest, considering that he is very junior to Odumbaku?

On the issue raised concerning EMF Oshoffa’s seat which Odumbaku reportedly sat on during the CCC Global Genesis Harvest, facts have it that querying Ogundipe for not sending him away from the seat is just a way of persecuting him (Ogundipe) unjustly.

How could Ogundipe have asked Odumbaku to stand up from the reserved seat without creating a bigger problem for himself? Let’s say the truth, no Shepherd could do so too, considering Odumbaku’s status in the CCC Fold.

On the allegation that Ogundipe brought King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal to sing during his church harvest on December 15, 2019, facts have emerged that it was not the Shepherd that invited the Fuji musician.

According to findings by this newspaper, it was Wasiu Ayinde who volunteered to attend the said harvest without collecting any money from the church as a result of his long relationship with Ogundipe.

However, Ogundipe himself has reacted to the allegations as well as the media reports that he had made moves to withdraw from the CCC body.

Speaking in an audio message at the weekend, Ogundipe made it known that he can never leave the CCC body just as he has never contemplated such step.

In his words, he noted that the rumour that he had proclaimed his secession from the CCC body was just a way to frustrate him.

Ogundipe also made it known that he is too small to ask Cardinal Odumbaku to remove his cap before entering the CCC Global Genesis during the December 15th Harvest. He also made it known that he lacks the power to ask Odumbaku to stand up from EMF Oshoffa’s seat which he sat on during the harvest.

On the issue of King Wasiu Ayinde, the prophet said that the musician has been his godfather for a long time even before he accepted to carry a cross for Christ.

He made it known that it was when he met Wasiu at the Ikoyi residence of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu recently that the musician offered to attend his harvest freely.

His words: “I laughed when Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde said he would attend my harvest and perform without taking a dime because I know that anyone engaging his service must be ready to pay N5m.

“When I asked him why he wanted to give me such honour, Alhaji Wasiu said he loves me so much. He said I have never asked him to bring money for me to pray for him or help him for spiritual consultations at any time.

” He said all my spiritual messages to him have always been real but despite that, i have never asked him to pay me a dime, and that was why he wanted to honour me on my harvest”

On the reports that he turned down the invitation by the International Headquarters to give his own accounts of the incidents, Ogundipe said the report was false.

According to him, he is gladly ready to appear before any CCC Panel to explain his own side of the story and equally prostrate and apologize for the three incidents which be is being persecuted for at the moment.