Plans to link Ortom with Onyema’s financial scam uncovered


Nigerian Concord Newspaper

Fresh plots by the Benue state chapter of the APC to link the state governor, Dr. Samuel Ortom, to the financial scandal rocking the Chairman/CEO of Air Peace, Mr. Allen Onyema, have been uncovered.

Independent investigation by our reporters explained that the fresh plan is aimed at painting Governor Samuel Ortom as a corrupt politician who has been stealing government funds for his own personal use.

Recall that few hours after the US government released a report, indicting Onyema of money laundering through some personal and company accounts with some US banks yesterday, the Benue APC media handlers took to the cyber space where they posted several fictitious reports that the funds that were mentioned by the US to have been laundered by Onyema were from the Benue state governor.

Just this afternoon, the embattled Benue state coordinator of the Miyetti Allah Association who had been disowned by the cattle rearers group many times, Mr. Garus Gololo, spoke with journalists in an interview where he said Governor Ortom gave public funds to Onyema to procure some aircrafts for him.

In his interview, Gololo whom a reliable source within the Benue APC said was given money this morning to issue a statement to link Ortom with the Onyema scam accused the governor of laundering money through the Chairman of Air Peace.

In his quest to fulfil his obligation to discredit Ortom with the yet to be established Onyema financial scam, Gololo said that part of the money being investigated by the US belong to the governor and the Benue government.

According to Gololo who met with some selected Benue APC social media handlers this morning to perfect plans to nail the Onyema controversial financial scam on Ortom, the reported stolen money was given to the Air Peace boss by the governor to acquire aircraft for him when he came to Benue few weeks in the name of peace talks.

According to an inside source, Gololo and the APC social media handlers were instructed by the party’s leadership this morning to confuse the public that it was the cordial relationship between Ortom and Onyema that made it possible for him (Onyema) to visit Benue state with the aim of brokering peace between the Benue government and the Miyetti Allah Association.

The source said: “There would have been no way for Gololo and our people to link Governor Ortom with this US money laundering scam if nothing had shown that a cordial relationship exists between him and Onyema.

” I am part of the APC media team but i detest politics of bitterness. I am one of those that do not want Ortom to continue as governor because he left our party but i am against unnecessary blackmail such as the one they are putting up against the governor.

“If you read the US indictment paper very well, you will see that most of the funds were reportedly laundered before Ortom became governor in 2015. Most of the alleged frauds took place between 2010 and 2013, and only few took place as from 2015 according to the charge sheet, and Ortom had not become governor then.

” Some of our members in the social media team of the Benue APC will still pull out of this because Gololo was asked to lead the media attacks which are aimed at making it look like Ortom had siphoned all the government funds through Onyema.

“Is Onyema also not a close associate of Senator George Akume and the late Senator Joseph Waku. So why were they not linked with the scam. The report that Onyema brokered peace between Ortom and Miyetti Allah few weeks ago is the only reason the governor is being linked with the financial scam because it will be easy for people to believe since a relationship has already been established between them”

Meanwhile, Governor Ortom has reacted to Gololo’s accusation, saying that he had nothing to do with the procurement of any aircrafts in the US or anywhere.

His Chief Press Secretary, Terver Akase, who reacted in a short media note said: “We will not dignify the crisis merchant known as Garus Gololo with a response, because he doesn’t deserve such honour. He is only seeking recognition.

“By the way, who is he speaking for? Miyetti Allah groups have since disowned the man. His latest outing against Governor Samuel Ortom smacks of frustration.

“If the governor had such money Gololo claims he gave to the Air Peace Chairman for laundering, he would have used it to develop Benue State and pay the outstanding workers’ salaries and pension arrears”