The day Kula Tersoo begged Suswam to fund him to fight Akume and Ortom

Aare De Oracle

So this poor guy called Kula Tersoo can even remember his birthday? I said so because he is someone that is ready to fight his God if Satan can give him as little as N10, 000.

I remember that day in year 2017 (Shortly after the DSS released Suswam from detention), Kula was on his kneels, begging Dr. Gabriel Suswam to give him money to pay his rent, feed his family and as well repair his rickety car.

That day, Kula who brought a fake Benue state government document to indict Governor Ortom and his people swore that he was going to fight Senator Akume and Samuel Ortom on behalf of Gabriel Suswam if he could be given as little as 100k but hear what the kindhearted and peace-loving Suswam said to him in my presence:

“Kula, you don’t need to fight anyone on my behalf. You don’t have to go to the extents of forging fake documents to claim to me that they were the stuffs the governor and his people had used to steal money. These documents are fake and I advise you not to put them in any newspaper because telling lies against your leaders will surely affect you one day. All we want in Benue is peace and development, and that is what Governor Ortom would have achieved if not for those that don’t want him to succeed.

” Those people that don’t want Ortom to succeed are within his party (APC as at 2017), and I am going to join hands with him to achieve his electoral goals once he realizes that he is dining and wining with the enemies of the people of Benue state”

After his speech, Suswam rejected Kula’s offers to help him use his Eagle Eyes Online (the online journal went moribund after two weeks of operation because Suswam refused to finance it for fighting Ortom and Akume) to fight anyone in Benue state. However, he gave the hungry-looking Kula’s a sum of N400, 000 to take care of his needs.

Kula, this is the same Suswam you are fightinf and writing all sorts of jargons about. This is also the same Akume whom you are praising up and down everyday. What if Suswam had carelessly accepted your offers to help him fight Akume?

Let me stop here for now just as I wish Kula happy birthday.