Benue APC cautioned over inflammatory statements against Tribunal, Appeal judges


Nigerian Concord

The Benue Youth Forum has warned the state chapter of the APC against its Continuous inflammatory statements against judges of the Tribunal and Appeal courts that are presiding election matters in the state.

The youths expressed their position in a press statement signed by Comrade Kuanum Terrence, president of the Benue youth Forum.

The statement reads below:

Gentleman of the press, you may recall that we had cautioned political parties and some politicians who see the game of politics as a do-or-die affair to allow the judges sitting on cases before the Tribunals and Court of Appeal to determine the cases without undue pressure from any quarter. We made that important statement in support of our judiciary so that the true reflection of the mandate of the Benue people in the 2019 elections could be ascertained.

But the recent outings by some political elements particularly those in All Progressives Congress, APC in Benue State have given us youths of the State cause for worry and serious concern. We have noticed that such elements are using blackmail to have Court of Appeal judges to play to their whims in their judgments.

We had expected APC leaders and members to react the same way Peoples Democratic Party, PDP reacted when tribunal judgments were given against the party in Gboko West state constituency, Katsina-Ala West Constituency and Obi State Constituency.

We have observed that PDP has continued to demonstrate willingness to comply with those judgments and leaders of the party have called on their members and the candidates to show respect to the judiciary by obeying the court verdicts. APC leaders and members on the contrary have been threatening fire and brimstone and have begun to play the extreme card of blackmail against the judges. This is anti-democratic and totally unacceptable.

Resorting to the use of faceless groups with no history of the struggle for the common man is tantamount to the very ideals of democratic culture and the values our dear state Benue represents. Those fanning embers of discord and playing drums of war simply because their party lost in the last elections and its fortunes at the courts look gloomy should know that Benue is bigger than any individual or group.

We would vehemently resist any attempt by enemies of Benue from within and outside the State to plunge it into avoidable political crisis of any kind. Benue belongs to all of us and no one has proprietary ownership of the State to act as if it is their birthright to hold the people to ransom.

As the umbrella body of Benue youths, we have been in the trenches for years defending our people from aggressors, and our commitment to supporting security agencies to protect our people remains unwavering.

We call on security operatives to identify and apprehend merchants of crisis who have vowed to make Benue State ungovernable as long as they are out of power. Such persons and their sponsors, no matter the positions they occupy in society must be brought to justice.

We urge His Excellency Governor Samuel Ortom to whom we gave our popular mandate to remain focused and not be distracted by antics of some disgruntled opposition politicians. Majority of Benue people are behind him.

We equally encourage Appeal Court Judges not to feel intimidated over undemocratic utterances of political mercenaries. In every society, there exist bad eggs and Benue is not an exception. Those blackmailing the judiciary do not represent the general opinion of Benue people. They speak for themselves and their financiers.

In conclusion, we call on all lovers of democracy to beam a search light on Benue to stop the coup being plotted against democracy in the State. Elements of disunity and violence have no place in democratic parlance.