Akume appoints Mkor Aondona as media aide


Nigerian Concord

The Minister Designate from Benue state, Senator George Akume, has appointed a former staff of the Benue State University, Dr. Mkor Aondona, as his chief media aide.

This was confirmed to this newspaper by Dr. Aondona this afternoon.

Recall that only Aondona has been reporting the daily activities of Akume since he was confirmed as a minister of the Federal Republic.

In his reaction to the appointment, Mkor expressed his displeasure over last week’s media outburst that he had hijacked the media unit of the former senator.

According to him anyone is free to report the daily activities of Senator Akume the best way he or she can.

His words: “How can anyone hijack social media ??Anyone is free on the social media to report what he knows and wishes to. That is why it is free source of interaction”

Details shortly