Governor Ortom must appreciate the APC media handlers for a job well done!!!


Aare De Oracle

For the first time , the Benue APC media handlers under James Ornguga did well by helping Governor Samuel Ortom to publicize all his achievements in the last four years. Those achievements were disclosed by the governor in his speeches at today’s Radio programme.

As a matter of fact, the APC men did well by helping the governor to stir the cyberspace with all the things he mentioned as the achievements of his administration in the last four years and the things he intends to do in his second term. I hope the governor appreciates this free media publicity at least coming from his real enemies.

Benue people can be rest assured that Ortom means well for them especially now that his real enemies , the APC media goons, are the ones publicizing his achievements in his first term.

Who on earth would believe that the APC media handlers could be this magnanimous by taking their time to propagate the good deeds and achievements of Governor Ortom, a man whom they had always described as a failure, during his Radio programme today?

Or should we agree that they were aware that Governor Ortom really performed very well in his first time but they were waiting for today’s radio programme for him to enumerate his achievements before they help him to publicize it? Or they were just running campaigns of calumny against him to please their pay masters in the APC?

Thanks to the APC media goons for the good job they have all done for the governor and his administration today. The entire Benue people can now see all the positive ways which Ortom has helped the state since 2015.

I am Aare De Oracle