Harvest of death looms in Benue over Miyetti Allah’s endorsement of Buhari, Jime


Nigerian Concord Newspaper

What seems to be a harvest of deaths is looming in Benue state as a result of the endorsement which the Miyyeti Allah Association has given to President Muhammad Buhari, Mr. Emmanuel Jime and other APC governorship candidates in the states where herdsmen have been killing innocent farmers.

President Muhammadu Buhari who is the life patron of the Cattle Rearers Association is the presidential candidate of the APC while Mr. Emmanuel Jime is the governorship candidate of he party in Benue state, a state that has suffered several deadly attacks from Fulani herders. Several thousands of lives and properties worth several billions of Naira had been lost in the state so far.

It would be recalled that the Miyyeti Allah Association had on Thursday at its 5th Annual General meeting in Abuja endorsed President Buhari and other APC governorship candidates in all the states that are being affected by the Fulani crises.

Pronouncing the endorsement on behalf of the group, President of the Miyeti Allah association, Alhaji Muhammadu Kirowa, said that the endorsement became necessary because the administration of President Buhari had impacted positively in the lives of their members.

Nigerian Concord’s reporters went round Benue state shortly after the endorsement to seek for the opinions of the people of the state.

Those who spoke with our reporters yesterday expressed their fears over the endorsement, saying that it is like inviting another round of harvest of killings to the state.

They wondered why President Buhari is hell bent on destroying Benue state just because he wants the Fulani herders to continue with their open grazing at the expense of Benue farmers.

They also wondered why Emmanuel Jime, the APC governorship candidate, will be nursing the plans of working with the Fulani herders who had killed a lot of innocent Benue people .

Speaking with our reporters in Guma local government, Chairman of Benue Arise, Barrister Joel Terna, made it known that voting for Emmanuel Jime or President Buhari amounts to giving the killers a free hand to carry out more attacks on the people of Benue.

Terna pressed further that Jime will not have the courage which Governor Samuel Ortom summoned to challenge the Presidency when the killings became too unbearable.

His words: “Initially, we thought Governor Ortom wasn’t concerned with the way the Fulani herders were killing our beloved ones but it became clear to us that he was fighting secretly to ensure that the killings stopped. Every reasonable Benue indigene must give kudos to the governor for challenging the Presidency publicly about the killings.

” The latest endorsement of Jime and the president by the association is now a clear fact that they are up to something. The president had a sinister motive hence he imposed Jime on the APC during the party’s primaries despite that there were over ten other aspirants jostling for the ticket.

“The latest endorsement now confirms earlier media reports that Mr. Jime had reached an agreement with the Fulani herders to ensure that the historic Anti Open Grazing Law is rendered useless.

“How will Jime challenge the president over the killings if he eventually becomes governor since it was the same president that was instrumental to his emergence as the APC candidate despite all odds”

Also speaking with our reporters, the secretary of Tarka Progressive Union, Mrs Helen Anyor, said that Benue people must frustrate all plans by the Presidency to install someone who will not be able to stand for them in the face of Fulani killings as governor.

She like other who spoke with Nigerian Concord also said that the recent endorsement of Jime and Buhari by the Miyetti Allah Association is a huge sign that Benue will be in for another harvest of killings if proper care isn’t taken.

She said: “We won’t allow Jime to come and repeal our law because their plan is to allow the Fulani people a free access to our lands. They plan to cede our lands to the Fulani herders but we will frustrate all the plans with our votes”