Professor Uji Wilfred: A Man of “God” Without Conscience


Professor Uji Wilfred: A Man of “God” Without Conscience

By Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi (De Oracle)

If there is one man in Benue State who does not have conscience, it is the Executive Secretary, Benue State Teaching Service Board, Prof. Wilfred Uji who claims to be a pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Makurdi.

Uji is such an intelligent man but his excessive sexual urge and inability to control himself at the sight of a ladies have been his major setback since his days as university lecturer where he marketted marks for sex till now that he holds a vital position as an appointee of the Ortom government.

When he assumed duty as the TSB boss, Uji engaged his Gwer brother, Vaakaa Stephen, an intelligent Uni- Agric graduate as his Personal Assistant. Vaakaa who is versed in computer jobs ran practically all errands for the ES.

Not being comfortable with taking ladies to the hotel always, Prof. Uji decided to rent a bedroom apartment along Ada Chenge street in the same compound where his P.A lives with his family. Uji made this secret apartment his evil lodge bringing different kinds of girls to the house, not minding the negative judgement of people in the neighbourhood.

Just recently, Mr. Vaakaa resigned as Uji’s P.A for personal reasons and that marked the beginning of trouble as Uji became uncomfortable taking ladies to the same house anymore.

As rent for the apartment expired two months ago, Vaakaa who helped his erstwhile boss rent the apartment and buy all house items in his name decided to move the mattress, table and chairs that were the major items in the “one corner” apartment to another place so as to free the room, at the request of the landlord.

The humble P.A still sent Prof. Uji a text message informing him of the relocation of items from the apartment since the rent had expired for two months and the Professor was not showing any sign of renewal.

Prof. Uji who was not happy that his P.A had left him now reported the young Vaakaa at the E Division police station in Makurdi for unlawful break into his apartment. The family house of this revered professor of History is in faraway Welfare quarters in Makurdi and not this backyard apartment. How can your P.A who you sent to rent an apartment for and equip it with all payment receipts in his name be accused of breaking into the same apartment he has been overseeing?

Vaakaa was arrested on Sunday, August 20, 2018 and charged with unlawful break into someone’s apartment and theft of items. The immediate past Makurdi Chairman, Nigerian Bar Association, Barr. Emmanuel Zungwen Agbakor was contacted to follow up the case while the state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Michael Gusa made arrangements for Vaakaa to be arraigned in court this Thursday and be humiliated. He was however, bailed but the case is on.

Uji, Gusa and Agbakor should be reminded that the young man they want to destroy today is their younger brother. History will not judge them kindly for the gang up.

Uji should rather hide his face in shame for this show of promiscuity and rent another house quietly to continue with his lifestyle than threatening this young man. This conspiracy against the youth will not be allowed to go unnoticed.

Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi writes for Nigerian Concord Newspaper