Benue speaker convenes sitting at Assembly chambers with 12 members


….Decamped APC lawmakers angered by Ortom’s inability to pay N3 million balance for illegal impeachment

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

The Speaker of the Benue state House of Assembly, Terkimbi Ikyange, this morning convened sitting at the Assembly Chambers.

Our reporter who is at the House of Assembly reports that about twelve members of the legislative arm are in attendance.

It was also reported that other members have boycotted the session despite notice sent to them by various means.

It would be recalled that the speaker was illegally impeached by 22 members loyal to Governor Samuel Ortom while that House was in recess.

Before the illegal impeachment, the governor had earlier given a bribe of N100 million to five former APC lawmakers who later defected with him to the PDP. The impeachment process however failed just as the speaker who got hint of it convened a sitting and adjourned House businesses till August 15, 2018.

A week after the adjournment of the House business by Speaker Ikyange, the governor caused some APC lawmakers to defect to PDP, a process which enable him to have 22 lawmakers on his side

After the defection, the governor was accused to have opened a gate which links the government house to the House of Assembly for the twenty two lawmakers who sat and illegally impeached Speaker Ikyange.

It was however gathered that the twenty two lawmakers who illegally impeached the speaker were promised N5 million each. The governor only gave them N2 million each while the N3 million balance is still hanging.

Angered by the failure of the governor to pay the N3 million balance, Nigerian Concord gathered that some of the former APC lawmakers have decided to support Ikyange in order to nullify the illegal impeachment.

More details shortly