Orubibi joins Senate race, gets royal blessings


Nigerian Concord Newspaper

The immediate past Chairman of Benue Board of Internal Revenue Services(BIRS), Chief(Mrs) Mimi Adzape-Orubibi, has declared interest in the Zone A senatorial seat come 2019.

Addressing her audiences at Juladaco Hotels Jato-Aka yesterday, Mimi Orubibi said God has made it possible for her to proudly and fearlessly agree to contest and win the 2019 Benue North-East senatorial race.

Stating the reasons she has decided to join the race, she said that as a product of Benue, she is favoured by the zoning arrangement for the seat which rightly belongs to Kwande, her place of origin.

She also thanked God for her sterling leadership qualities including her ability to lobby, her connections and other affiliations which she assured, will enable her to fetch more dividends of democracy from both her place of marriage, southern Nigeria and her place of origin, to the doorsteps of her constituents.

Chief Orubibi said it has become necessary for her to accept her people’s call to serve considering the intensity of their clamour and the political developments in the state which have compelled her to do so.

She however promised to be honest to her people and provide dividends of democracy to their doorsteps through adequate representation if she is elected into the red chamber of the National Assembly.

On their part at the Mue Ter Ichongo in Kwande Chief Simon Baver’s palace, the traditional chiefs in Turan and Ikyurav-Ya expressed happiness over their daughter’s decision to join the race.

Chief Ibunde, the district head of Liev 2 district and Chief Aloko, the district head of Yaav district, all said Chief Orubibi is known for her goodwill to humanity and expressed strong hope that if elected into the red chamber of the NASS, she will provide lease of life for them.

They gave her their royal blessing with a strong assurance that she will brave all odds on her road to the NASS.

Elders from Kwande and Ushongo led by PA Alago Adzege AKA Professor, also presented Chief Orubibi to the All Progressives Congress and was received by the Chairman of the party in Kwande Iorfa Dzoho who described Mimi as a good candidate for the job.

Dzoho added that APC was not broken into pieces as it is romoured, saying the party remains united and stronger than before.

Earlier at Azaibo village in Kumakwagh District, Chief Orubibi’s first home, elders Ajue Bele and Mbanongon Atogbon all gave her a go ahead nod assuring that all shall be well with her in the race.