Abiodun Aluko: Why I want to be Ekiti state governor

By Surveyor Abiodun Aluko

Governance at any level, particularly as the Chief Executive Officer of a State, is a very serious assignment that requires a man with clearly focused mind, mission and vision, intellectually endowed, the cognate experience in the public service, commerce and industry and human resources management.

To succeed as the manager and leader of a whole State, the governor must be imbued with a strong and disciplined mind with well grounded and morally upright background, humility, prudence, courage and proper understanding of economic and human management techniques.

He must possess the rich knowledge of the natural, physical, cultural, socio-economic, and human resources of the State, as well as understand the needs of the people.

I, Abiodun Aluko, possess all these qualities and attributes in abundance. With my God endowed and acquired knowledge and proper understanding of the political and physical terrains of Ekiti State, I am well prepared and eminently qualified to be the governor.

As the governor of Ekiti State, I will run a well focused, transparent, honest, and credible government employing the services of the best brains and experienced Ekiti indigenes.

All Ekiti people will be stakeholders in the government, hence we will run an all inclusive and unity government which will give respect to whom it is due: the elites, traditional rulers, the academics, captains of industry, professionals, youths, students and even other political parties for them to willingly want to join hands with government in contributing their quota in moving Ekiti State forward.

For quite some time, Ekiti State has had the terrible and unenviable reputation of being run by charlatans, known for brigandage, graft and fleecing of our very scarce resources through dubious and controversial projects.

My administration through prudence, transparent open bidding and accountability will reverse this odious trend and give Ekiti State a new and respectable image through good governance.

Ekiti State known universally as the Fountain of Knowledge and Land of Honour and of peace was virtually at a time turned to a state of violence, fear ,extreme intolerance of the opposition, political instability, fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds, election riggers and misrule. Right now the electorate has been cowed down and public servants so badly impoverished that everybody seems to have lost their voice and resigned to fate in despair.

Patriotic Ekiti indigenes are embarrassed by the ungentlemanly behaviour and un-Ekiti attitude and style of the incumbent governor.

Hope is not lost as the in-coming Aluko-led administration being one to be run by a man of proven integrity having been tested and found trustworthy and forthright whose integrity has never been called to question, a man that knows the terrain and the psyche and the developmental needs of the people will restore the enviable and universally acclaimed image of Ekitis as that of a well educated, articulate, honest, humble, cooperative and forward looking people.

My administration will turn around positively the economic fortunes of the State and improve the condition of living of the people through wealth creation by harnessing our natural and human resources and potentials for job creation for the army of unemployed youths and women.

Poverty has unfortunately virtually become our fate Ekiti State foisted on us by the misrule and mismanagement of our patrimonial resources. This dehumanizing state of affairs is very pathetic and condemnable.

Hithterto, all government contracts are being given to foreigners and political mercenaries from Ibadan and Lagos leaving our people who have same or even better expertise in lurch watching helplessly while charlatans and political jobbers imported from out of Ekiti by the governors carted and are still carting away our resources leading to capital flight and impoverishment of the people.

Under my administration, the women, the unemployed youths, artisans, skilled and semiskilled labour and professionals shall be incorporated and patronized by the government.

What an Ekiti man can do will never find its way again into the hands of foreigners.

The resources of Ekiti State shall be used to develop the state and its people and hence the economy.

The welfare of public servants ( Civil Servants, NULGE NUT, officers of the various corporations and agencies and pensioners) shall be put on the first line charge in government monthly expenditure.

Salaries and emoluments shall be my priority and shall be paid as at when due.

As a team leader everywhere I have worked in my life in the former Ondo State government as a Surveyor; as Director General, Deputy President and eventually the pioneer President in Ondo and Ekiti States Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture; as Deputy Governor; and members of governing council of various Universities and Commissions etc, I have received accolades and commendations and nowhere has my integrity ever been called to question.

If and when elected as the Governor of Ekiti State, I shall continue in this spirit of forthrightness, honesty, integrity,dedication in the discharge of my responsibilities valiantly without fear or favour.

Transparency and accountability shall be my watch-words and I shall forcefully combat corruption and fraud in all ramifications with utmost vigour to justify the confidence you have reposed in me and also ensure that your hopes and aspirations for Ekiti State as the NUMBER ONE State in Nigeria are not dashed.


Surveyor Abiodun Aluko is a governorship aspirant under the platform of Mega Party of Nigeria