Benue people mock Gemade, Udende over meagre donations to IDPs

Nigerian Concord Newspaper

People of Benue state are presently mocking the senator representing Zone A, Senator Barbabas Gemade, and another member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Emmanuel Udende, for jointly presenting 15 bags of Rice and 8 packets of Instant Noodles to over ten thousand IDPs who are being accommodated by the Suswam family in Anyii area of Logo local government.

It would be recalled that the two APC federal lawmakers gathered some of their party social media men to take photos of a rented crowd last week as they donated the meagre gifts to the IDPs through an elder brother to former governor Gabriel Suswam, Chief Terkura Suswam.

Shortly after the photos of donations of the paltry gifts became viral, indegenes of the state took to social media to condemn both Gemade and Udende for the show of shame.

Some of them that commented on facebook said that it was a pity that the people of zone A are in trouble for voting for people like Gemade and Udende as their lawmakers.

Some said zone A has been robbed like zone B, which is being represented by Senator George Akume, noting that am the old leaders from the APC are the same.

Someobe said in his comment that: “If the IDP camp will still be there, the likes of Gemade and Udende will still go and campaign there”

Another commentator commented that the Zone A people had sold their rights to these two politicians, Gemade and Udende.

Some also commented that the people of the zone should vote them out in 2019, adding that it was a big shame on them to have donated such items at the IDPs camp.

While an APC supporter wrote in her comment that the efforts of the two lawmakers should be appreciated, someone replied and said: “Their efforts are fruitless. How can they donate such to the people. Why this level of inhumanity and pretentious wickedness when they know that most people there lost things worth more than millions so why not compensate them with at least something more tangible”

Another person who replied the APC supporter said: “God is watching us. Little efforts for where? Don’t they collect money in the same gana must go bag like other senators? Abeg let’s say what is right and shame the devil for once. No appreciation for little noodles and rice, they Should do more than that”

Another commentator said it is quite shameful that the zone A people have these types of heartless people representing them in Abuja.

He added: ” Honestly, if not for the unfortunate incidents which have befallen us due to negligence on the side of the government, these two can not feed an average Sankera person. We thank them anyway”

Someone also said that both Gemade and Udende don’t have time for the less privileged, forgetting that, these are the people who voted them into power. “If it’s one of their class, you would have seen huge donations. The both of them are a disgrace to their communities” she added.

Further commenting, she said that the electorates should be prepared to get their voters cards immediately to give a RED CARD to Gemade, Udende and their kinds of politicians.

Another Benue commentator said It’s, indeed, a huge shame that the lawmakers could donate such rubbish to the IDPs, adding that: “We don’t need handouts. We need peace. Benue, as the food basket of the nation, can not feed her indigenes. Let them use their exalted positions to find a lasting solution to the incessant and needless bloodletting in the state”