Celestial crisis, Imeko Cathedral & massive looting under Jorotom


By Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi

I had decided not to write on this issue of Celestial leadership crisis plus the massive looting which took place for thirteen good years while Superior Evangelist John Rotimi Omotosho (Jorotom) held sway as Chairman of the committee for the building of the Imeko cathedral just because I felt the dirty linen of the church shouldn’t be washed in the public.

But right now, I have decided to write on the issue so that the general public will be aware of the secret why the Imeko cathedral couldn’t be completed for the thirteen years which Jorotom spent as chairman of the committee despite the several hundreds of millions of Naira that were realised then.

Let me take you down the Memory Lane. Since Jorotom and his cohorts took over, there had been nothing like a foreign account for the church.

Imagine a church with several parishes abroad didn’t have a single foreign account. These people deliberately ensured that this didn’t happen so they could easily divert all the funds coming into the church from all the parishes in the Diaspora. Too bad.

If they will use their candle to kill me tomorrow, I will still challenge Baba Omotosho to explain why he and his disbanded team failed to have anything to show for their thirteen years administration.

He should also be made to explain why he has not been able to render the account of his stewardship. I am sure Baba Omotosho cannot give a single answer to my queries, and this Explains why he has been spending millions of Naira belonging to the CCC to sponsor cheap and malicious media attacks against the members of the current BOT of the church.

Jorotom has particularly assassinated the character of the Treasurer of the CCC BOTs, Superior Evangelist Pius Olarewaju, just because this man had recorded several achievements which had in turn exposed the corrupt practices of the Omotosho-led committee.

Findings by my investigators indicated that Otunba Olarewaju had spent several millions of Naira from his own personal purse to mobilize people and man power for the development of the Celestial Church of Christ.

According to our findings, Olarewaju had spent over N4 million on air tickets alone. I mean the air tickets he had purchased to travel to some countries to ensure that the financial account of the church was harmonized.

It was when Pius popularly called ‘Odebetunbese’ assumed duties as the BOT treasurer that the church was able to open some foreign accounts.

These accounts are now being used by the parishes in the Diaspora to remit funds to the headquarters in Ketu, Lagos state.

Also, it was gathered that the church has been able to save some hundreds of millions of naira since Olarewaju, the founder and grand patron of CCC, Omo alade alaafia parishes 1,2,3 and 4, became a member of the BOT handling the church’s finances.

Let’s all ask Baba Omotosho to explain why he has decided to run down Olarewaju, a man who has and is still using his hard earned money to build churches for the Celestial Church of Christ?

To us, Olarewaju doesn’t deserve this kind of media attack from a monumental failure like Baba Omotosho.

Has Omotosho ever considered the hundreds of millions of naira that Olarewaju has spent from his personal purse to erect the Ultra Modern Multi Purpose Hall at KM 53 on Lagos-Ibadan Express Road before sponsoring cheap media attacks to say that he (Pius) had embezzled Celestial funds?

If Pius wanted to embezzle CCC funds, then tell me why he had to spend over a billion Naira to build four parishes for the same church?

We visited the cathedral during our investigation, and we found out that the building contract was awarded to a foreign company.

This company doesn’t belong to Olarewaju or any member of the BOT so can Omotosho answer a question how Pius has siphoned the church’s fund?

As part of his efforts to raise funds for the church, Pius Olarewaju, according to our findings, took some tickets for the building project to the United Kingdom, and he raised a huge cash for the church’s headquarters.

If Baba Omotosho is unable to prove that Pius is corrupt, then I want to agree that he has been sponsoring his media attacks on this innocent man for two reasons. One, Pius’ roles to generate funds for the church have exposed that so much funds were stolen during his (Omotosho) reign. Secondly, Pius’ zero tolerance for fraud and corrupt practices has prevented Baba Jorotom and his cohorts from further embezzlement of the Celestial funds.

Nigerian Concord shall publish the concluding part of this Editorial shortly.

Aare Abiodun Oluwarotimi is the Editor-in-chief of Nigerian Concord Newspaper.